Can a blind person become IFS officer?

The 25-year-old from Chennai was informed by the external affairs ministry on Friday that she has been inducted into the Indian Foreign Service, the first 100 per cent visually-challenged person to gain entry into the 69-year-old service.

Where is Beno Zephine now?

Ms Beno is currently posted at Indian Embassy in Paris. The Paris posting has been eventful for Zephine’s personal life too.

Do IFS officers get security in India?

An IFS officer usually gets perks depending on their country of posting. These are: Foreign Area Allowance. Security Cover for self and family.

Can IFS officer choose their posting?

An IFS officer has to choose three places of his choice out of the number of vacant posts which are circulated. If he/she is lucky then he/she can get one of the three places of his/her choice. Foreign postings are decided by the Foreign Service Board which is headed by the Foreign Secretary.

What is the name of the first 100% visually impaired officer?

Beno Zephine N L
She is the first 100% visually challenged officer in the IFS….Beno Zephine.

Beno Zephine N L
Occupation Diplomat

How can I join Indian Foreign Service?

To become an IFS or Indian Foreign Services officer, aspirants must appear for the civil services examination conducted by UPSC every year. Candidates must clear each round of the exam – Prelims, Mains and Interview, and acquire a recommendation from UPSC to get appointed as an IFS officer.

What do you understand from Beno Zephine inspirational life story?

She made history as she is India’s first fully visually impaired person to be working in the Indian Foreign Services. She was born and brought up in Chennai. Beno did her schooling from well known Little Flower Convent Higher Secondary School for the blind.

Is IFS a stressful job?

It is a prestigious job as you are serving and representing the nation. An IFS officer is the one who represents the nation in various countries. So, you should mold your personality accordingly. The benefits and perks are very eye-catching but the responsibilities are very stressful.

Do IFS officers get cars?

A car is not available to every officer in the government department. But the IFS officers are provided other facilities such as a white passport for an official. An IFS officer also benefits from getting first-class flight tickets for themselves and their immediate family to the country of appointment.

What is the full form of IFS officer?

The Indian Foreign Service (IFS) is a central civil service. It is one of the premier civil services, which marks India’s presence abroad. It comes under Group A of the Central Civil Services of the executive branch of the Ministry of External affairs Government of India.

Is IFS exam difficult?

The officials of the IFS are selected by the Union Public Service Commission through a three-stage combined selection process called the Civil Services Examination, known for being extremely challenging, that recruits officers for 20 other Group A services and five Group B services.

Who was the first 100 percent visually challenged officer in India?

NL Beno Zephine, a 25-year old girl from Tamil Nadu, created history by becoming the country’s first 100 percent visually challenged Indian Foreign Services (IFS) officer. 2.

Who was the first IFS officer in India?

100 percent visually impaired since birth, NL Beno Zephine fought against all odds to become India’s first IFS officer. Her family read for long hours to help her prepare and she used special software to read from the computer screen. 1.

Who is the first blind person in India?

Beno Zephine is 25 and she made history when she became India’s first 100 per cent visually challenged person to be inducted into the country’s elite Indian Foreign Service (IFS).