Can I play Dragon Nest in Philippines?

Dragon Nest is a game serviced to various countries around the world. As for Dragon Nest SEA server, it is serviced to Singapore, Malaysia, and Philippines, as stated on the DNSEA Terms of Use.

Is Dragon Nest still up?

On 31st March 2021, at 10:00 am GMT + 7, the game’s servers will end. World of Dragon Nest’s customer support channel will also close.

How do I find my login ID for Dragon Nest?

Answer: The Game Login ID (not email address) is set when you sign up for a Cherry Credits account or through Facebook Connect. Forgot your Game Login ID? Visit [You may be required to enter extra information to proceed.]

How many GB is World of Dragon Nest?

Space Required: 4 GB.

Which is the latest version of Dragon Nest?

Please launch the client and check for Client Ver. on the top left corner. Please download latest Direct X version for the smooth play. While you install the Direct X, we recommend you to close other works in your PC.

Who are the gods and goddesses of Dragon Nest?

Goddess Altea created the beautiful world Alteia. But she drank a poison of decadence and fell into a deep sleep.. Mighty God Desmodus ordered Goddess Altea and Goddess Vestinel to create a world. Altea created the beautiful world called Alcheringa.

How does Dragon Nest work as an action game?

Dragon Nest’s action lives without a gripping story. Players are immersed in stories while they play various main and sub quests. And event movies at important quest moment enhance the understanding of stories and arouse player’s curiosity about next chapters.

When did Eyedentity game Dragon Nest come out?

Eyedentity Game’s First title, 3D Action MORPG “Dragon Nest”, is developed to introduce high quality action and fun of console game to Online game field. After 3 years preparation, Dragon Nest was released in Korean Market at early 2009. and grapped players with vivid graphics and fast dynamic action.