Can you find gemstones in Iowa?

Semiprecious gemstones like agates, jaspers, petrified wood, and quartz crystals are fairly common finds. Geodes, of course, are the highlight of Iowa rockhounding and are often lined with some variety of quartz.

What kind of rocks can you find in Iowa?

Large boulders of granite, gabbro and basalt are very common on our farms and in the beds of creeks and rivers. Examples of sedimentary rocks are limestone, sandstone, shale, and chert. These are the most widespread and common types of rocks in Iowa.

Where can I find geodes in Iowa?

Geodes can also be found in stream drainages and excavations in Lee, Van Buren, and Henry Counties. Generally, the best area to find great rocks is considered to be in a 70-mile radius around the point where the Mississippi and Des Moines rivers intersect.

Where can you find crystals in Iowa?

Quartz – Small quartz crystals can be found in geodes in the Warsaw and Keokuk Formations of Mississippian age along the Mississippi River bluffs and its tributaries in Lee, Des Moines, and Henry Counties in southeastern Iowa. Most Iowa sandstones consist largely of cemented quartz grains.

What rocks in Iowa are worth money?

Here are some of the favorite gems you should expect to find in Iowa.

  • Keokuk Geode. This is the most important gem you can find in Iowa.
  • Pearls. Freshwater pearls are found in some waters in Iowa.
  • Moss Agate. This is a rare form of Quartz pseudomorph, especially in Iowa.
  • Chalcedony.

Is there Silver in Iowa?

Historically, small deposits of gold and silver were found in Iowa, though silver and gold mining to not contribute greatly to the overall economy of the state. The population of Iowa is concentrated in the greater Des Moines area, where most of the best gold and silver dealers in Iowa are located.

How do I know if I found a geode?

The only way to find out for sure if a rock is a geode is to break it apart by tapping it with a hammer, or have someone cut open the rock with a powerful saw. You’ll know once you see the interior and whether or not there is a hollow or solid composition.

Where is the best place to find geodes?

Geodes are found throughout the world, but the most concentrated areas are located in the deserts. Volcanic ash beds, or regions containing limestone, are common geode locations. There are many easily accessible geode collecting sites in the western United States, including in California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada.

Is there petrified wood in Iowa?

Petrified wood can be collected from glacial-age gravels along Iowa’s rivers. This water-worn piece from the Cedar River in Linn County shows silica, in the form of chalcedony or opal, has replaced the original tissue.

Can you find obsidian in Iowa?

A volcanic glass, Obsidian occurs in volcanic areas such as the western United States. All Iowa obsidian was carried here by Native Americans and has only been found as artifacts. Obsidian is an amazing rock. It formed when lava cooled so quickly that the molten rock could not form a crystalline structure.

Is there buried treasure in Iowa?

Buried treasure in Iowa is hidden in many areas. Stories about outlaw caches, stolen Army payrolls, Indian hoards, and ghost town treasures have been written, and talked about for years.

Is there gold in Iowa creeks?

Historically, gold has been reported along the Iowa River near Steamboat Rock and Eldora in Hardin County; along Otter Creek near West Union, Brush Creek and the Volga River in Fayette and Clayton Counties; along the Des Moines River near Pella, Douds, and Farmington; along Vasser Creek in northeast Davis County; and …

Where to find gems and minerals in Iowa?

However, there are quite a number of unique and interesting gems and minerals that you can dig up in the state especially along rivers and in river valleys and basins. When it comes to mining, Iowa is primarily known for having geodes, but you can also find fossils and several different types of minerals.

Where to find the best geodes in Iowa?

Although quite a large number of geodes that people discover in Iowa are solid with crystal-like minerals filling the interior, some of the best geodes that you can find have hollow interiors. Some of the geodes mined in the Keokuk area in the state usually contain a wide variety of minerals although calcite and quartz are…

Where to find the state rock in Iowa?

Geode State Park North of Keokuk is Geode State Park, which is named after the state rock, though you won’t find many geodes there. A word of warning – even if you do find geodes there, it’s illegal to take them (it’s actually illegal to take any geode out of any state park in Iowa).

Where can you find freshwater pearls in Iowa?

Freshwater pearls are found in some waters in Iowa. If you are looking for pearls, then all you have to do to hunt them is to find the shelled mollusks found in both slated and fresh Iowa waters. The pearls are smooth, round stones that shows an iridescent white, pinkish, or silver appearance.