Can you have a pet flying squirrel in Florida?

Yes, you can. Florida is one of the few states that allow you to keep squirrels as pets. It’s legal to own different squirrels, including red squirrels, flying squirrels, grey squirrels, and Prevost squirrels.

How much does a flying squirrel cost?

A flying squirrel can be purchased from specialized breeders and the average cost is around $450, but they go up to $600 or more, and sell out quickly depending on the breeder. It’s important to buy them at 6 to 8 weeks of age to make sure you can bond to them.

Can you buy a pet flying squirrel?

Do Flying Squirrels Make Good Pets? Due to flying squirrels’ exotic status, they are illegal to own in 10 states. This is because flying squirrels are being trapped in their native habitat and trafficked to different countries. Even though they’ve been banned in certain states, they are still getting smuggled in.

Are there flying squirrels in Orlando?

Flying squirrels are found throughout Florida except in the Keys. They reach their highest densities in mature pine-oak woodlands and oak hammocks.

Why is it illegal to have a pet squirrel?

Is it Even Legal? In most cases, it is illegal to keep squirrels as pets, but most importantly, it is inhumane as well. They aren’t domestic animals and are supposed to be in the wild where they belong. They need their freedom and space, so the process of trying to domesticate them will be highly stressful.

Are flying squirrels worth money?

Thousands of flying squirrels captured in Florida, trafficked with estimated $1M worth, officials say. Flying squirrels, a protected wild animal in Florida, are sold internationally in the pet trade. The poachers captured as many as 3,600, officials said.

Are flying squirrels bad?

Are they dangerous? Flying squirrels are not dangerous and pose no health hazard. They’re not aggressive but they do have sharp teeth. If you have flying squirrels denning in your attic or wall voids, call a Summit Environmental Solutions wildlife professional that is licensed and trained in nuisance wildlife work.

Is it legal to have a squirrel as a pet?

Are flying squirrels good pets?

Flying squirrels are entertaining to watch and have fun personalities and can make a great pet for the right person. But they’re not low-maintenance pets, and require a fair amount of supervision. They’re probably not ideal pets for young children.

Where do squirrels live in Florida?

Flying squirrels are found throughout Florida except in the Keys. They reach their highest densities in mature pine-oak woodlands and oak hammocks. They are also common in wooded urban parks and urban areas. In all habitats they need snags, or tree cavities for den sites.

Are flying squirrels nocturnal?

The activity pattern of squirrels during the day depends heavily upon the type of squirrel and time of year. Flying squirrels are nocturnal with nighttime activity patterns that vary with the seasons. In general, squirrels spend their nights sleeping in their nests.

Is the southern flying squirrel endangered?

The Southern flying squirrel is not endangered as a species although it is listed as endangered or threatened in some states. The flying squirrel has managed to find its way into the pet trade where it has become a favorite among small animal lovers.