Can you live stream on ProPresenter?

Not only does ProPresenter 7.1 add the ability to go live and to record, but now you can do both at the same time! Record a quality video for playback or for editing with post-production software, while also going live to your audience.

Can I use ProPresenter on Zoom?

Use Zoom or Skype to go Live With A Webcam & ProPresenter With Zoom (or skype or any other video conferencing software) you have the ability to go live with large groups of people. Using video conferencing software you can use your webcam… but even better than that, you can also share the output of ProPresenter.

Can ProPresenter 7 receive NDI input?

ProPresenter accepts inputs from USB Webcam protocol devices, Blackmagic Design DeckLink and UltraStudio devices, Syphon (Mac Only), and NDI. Each of the connected and available devices will show in the Device dropdown menu.

What equipment do I need to live stream Church?

Live Streaming Equipment for Church

  • Choosing a live streaming computer. While there are ways to stream directly from a camera or capture device, the simplest streaming solutions use a computer as a hub to pull everything together.
  • Internet Connection.
  • Camera.
  • Audio Interface.
  • Software for live streaming.

When to use ProPresenter to input live video?

When you use ProPresenter to input your video, adding your lower thirds and lyrics over that video becomes a simple process. Once you enable the live video any slide content will then be layered on top. Here I have my computer’s webcam on input 2. Input 2 is selected to be live and a lower third with my name is triggered.

What kind of SDI does ProPresenter use?

ProPresenter supports a live video feed over SDI or USB 3.0. We no longer support camera inputs that use Firewire. We officially support Blackmagic Design video interfaces, although other devices may work. We can only provide support for Blackmagic Design hardware as that is all we have tested.

Is there a new update for ProPresenter 7.2?

With the 7.2 update for ProPresenter, we have introduced powerful new ways for you to control the audio that is streamed directly from ProPresenter.