Can you put LS heads on a 350 small block?

Just to be clear: You can’t bolt LS heads on a Chevy small-block. And because the cam is lower in the small-block than the LS and the deck is significantly higher than a regular small-block, 8.200-inch-long pushrods are necessary.

What heads should I put on my 350?

The more cubic inches the engine has, the more airflow the heads have to deliver. A head with 180 or 185cc intake runners will work well on a typical 350 Chevy street engine that makes 400 to 450 horsepower.

Can you put LS heads on a 5.7 Vortec?

No they won’t work, use a 5.3 block for cheap power.

Are 5.3 and 6.0 heads the same?

You’ll lose compression if you use cathedral port 6.0 heads on your 5.3. The chamber is larger. The rectangular ports should not be used on your engine. LS6/T56 swap is complete and I’m just enjoying the time behind the wheel.

What heads should I get for a 350 bored 40 over?

GO with the hyd cam ,you will be happy ,try for around 10.1 compression . dont mill the heads unless your decks are warped . with flattops you will need some 64cc heads . if you have 76cc heads your compression will be closer to 9.1 compression .

Can I put 305 heads on a 350?

The combination worked out ok. It ran well and made good power. The 305 heads I used had a smaller combustion chamber than the 350 heads that were on the motor originally so it bumped the compression a little. The downside was the heads also had smaller valves so that was a bit of a disadvantage.

Will 5.3 Vortec heads fit an older 350?

There is nothing interchangable about these engines with the old small block chevy.

Are 706 heads better than 862?

The 706Vortec heads are even slightly superior to the commonly found 862 heads. The reason is that the 706 heads are SPM (semi-permanent mold) made, while the 862 heads are sand cast. The SPM method is considered to be a more consistent process, but once you port the 862 head, any difference to the 706 head goes away.