Can you Replate taps?

Restoring bathroom taps can provide a new lease of life and rejuvenate the whole look of your bathroom. Perhaps you simply want to change the look of your modern taps by re plating them in a different finish.

How do you make old taps look new?

If your taps have started looking old and worn, it could be a simple case of stains accumulated over consistent usage. Simply use a cloth dipped in a solution of dish soap and warm water to clean up the mess. You can also buff the tap with a dry cloth till it sparkles, after that!

Can taps be re chromed?

The Tap Restoration Process Typical bath mixer taps that have been dismantled stripped and polished ready for re-chroming. After re-chroming the parts are now ready for re-assembly.

Can gold plated taps be replated?

As part of our daily work we are often gold plating bath taps, sink, shower & bathroom fittings. The majority of these are old & simply cannot be replaced in order to match the existing set. If you’re lucky enough to find replacements it’s often more cost effective to have the old ones re-plated.

How easy is it to change a bathroom tap?

Fitting new bathroom taps should be a straightforward enough project to take on yourself, so long as you use common sense and follow simple instructions. Obviously, where water is involved, if you make mistakes then things can go wrong quickly, so check out our step by step guide below on how you fit new taps.

Does bleach discolour Chrome?

Vinegar, soapy water, coke, tea, baby wipes, baby oil, nail polish remover, baking soda fused with a lime or lemon, rubbing oil, flour, eucalyptus oil, water with salt, aluminium foil, bleach and a vast assortment of man-made cleaning products especially designed to benefit chrome can be used.

How do I make my taps shiny again?

Squeeze a half a lemon to 1 part vinegar 3 pars water and spray over the taps, then wipe down and buff for a gleaming finish.

How can I make my taps shiny again?

Rub the toothpaste all around the tap gently. Using an old toothbrush clean around the base of the tap and in and around any tight crevices. Rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth. Add a spot of baby oil to a dry soft cloth and rub onto the tap, polishing it to super shiny.

Can you restore old taps?

99% of ‘failed taps’ can be resurrected. The majority of taps are made from brass and are plated for easy care, in nickel, chrome or gold. An alternative is to polish the natural brass. The finish can be chosen to suit your décor.

Can you use Viakal on chrome taps?

Description: Viakal is a limescale and watermark remover for house surfaces e.g. baths, taps, sinks and toilets. Viakal can safely be used on: Chrome fixtures, stainless steel and fibreglass surfaces, ceramic tiles, porcelain (sink, shower tray, WC, bidet), glass/plastic (shower doors, plastic baths, vases), aluminium.

How do you restore gold plated taps?

Steps to Remove the Dirt:

  1. Mix one part vinegar with three parts water in a clean bucket.
  2. Dip a soft cloth in the cleaning solution.
  3. Drape the wet cloth over the fixture. Wait 15 minutes.
  4. Gently wipe the faucet with the cloth.
  5. Repeat as needed until clean.
  6. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  7. Buff dry with a clean cloth.

How do you restore tarnished gold taps?

The Solution One part white vinegar and three parts water is a simple and gentle cleaning solution for gold bathroom faucets and other fixtures. For those of you who don’t know what one part vinegar to three parts water means, mix one cup vinegar with three cups water in a bowl or spray bottle.

Which is the best brand of bath taps?

Our modern taps are by well known trusted brands such as Lefroy Brooks and Perrin & Rowe. Most are available in polished brass, chrome or silver nickel. With quality products from Jacob Delafon, John Bolding, Thomas Crapper, Porcher, George Jennings, Aston and Perrin & Rowe amongst others you are sure to find something ideal for your bathroom.

Do you need to restore the taps in a bath?

You may have bought a lovely antique bath to restore or wash hand basin and require the taps to be restored as well. Or you need the new taps made to look in keeping with the bath and therefor wish to have the taps re plated. Art Deco taps reconditioned and re-chromed can look absolutely stunning in a modern bathroom.

Which is the best company to restore kitchen and bathroom taps?

If you would like to discuss the costs to restore or re-plate your tap, bathroom and kitchen fittings, talk to Ashford Chroming. With over 7,000 customers we are revolutionizing an industry. Making it a safer, easier experience to get your bathroom and kitchen taps chromed and restored.

Where can I buy a new bathroom tap?

There are plenty of options when it comes to buying a new bathroom tap. You’d be forgiven for thinking that juicy deals on the best bathroom taps are waiting for your on the high street, but sometimes shopping online can save you a stack of cash.