Can you use Thule bike rack for skis?

Transforms your summer bike rack into a winter ski and snowboard rack for your vehicle.

Can a bike rack be used for skis?

Hitch ski racks: Hanging-style bike hitch racks can be adapted to carry skis on your trailer hitch.

Are towbar bike carriers safe?

Towbar Mounted Cycle Carriers are a safe and secure way of carrying up to 5 cycles on the back of your car. They are much stronger and more secure than carriers that strap to the tailgate of your car, any risk of damage to your car is virtually eliminated.

Are ski racks Universal?

Ski Racks. Probably the most popular option for carrying your skis and snowboards. Most new, current generation ski racks have ‘universal’ mounting hardware, but a lot of older systems will only fit Yakima round bars and Thule square bars.

How do you carry cross country skis on a bike?

I myself just put my x-country skis and poles in a lightweight ski bag with a shoulder strap and rode short distances without issues. Was even able to carry a mid-sized backpack alongside the ski bag. The trick is to put the shoulder strap over your head so that the skis won’t fall off or hit your bike.

Which bike carrier is best?

The best car bike racks to buy

  1. Thule ProRide Roof Bike Rack. Excellent roof rack that won’t break the bank.
  2. Saris Bones Ex 3-Bike. High-end hatch-mounted rack.
  3. Thule VeloCompact 2. Mid-range tow-mounted rack that does everything you need it to.
  4. SeaSucker Talon. Innovative design for petrol heads.
  5. B’Twin 320 Rear Car Bike Rack.

Are ski racks worth it?

They’re definitely worth the investment. Also saves your windows from being smashed in if someone wants to steal your stuff.

Do you need a base rack for Thule towbar?

Thule towbar bike racks are easy to install and use with the option to carry up to 4 bikes. They mount to the receiver towbar so no base rack is needed. Sorry, there are currently no recommended products that match your vehicle details. There is no safe place to mount a rack to the roof or truck bed of your vehicle.

Are there ski racks for cars at Thule?

Thule is committed to your safety and the safety of the people around you. Our ski racks for cars are designed to carry your skis as safely and securely as possible.

What kind of bike rack is Thule T2 pro?

The heavy-duty, award-winning Thule T2 Pro is now even easier to install, remove and store thanks to the integrated wheels. Super-rugged platform rack with frame-free clamping security for all types of bikes (for 2-4 bikes). Convenient rear of vehicle access by transforming your 2” hitch bike rack into a swing-away style.

Is there a Thule fit kit for your vehicle?

Thule no longer produces the fit kit for your vehicle. Sleek, aerodynamic ski rack for all types of skis and snowboards. Sleek, aerodynamic ski rack for all types of skis and snowboards. Sleek, aerodynamic ski rack for all types of skis and snowboards. Sleek, aerodynamic ski rack for all types of skis and snowboards.