Does Salford Royal have free parking?

Central Car Park – free parking is available for patients and visitors who are valid blue badge holders attending the hospital, but you need authorisation to exit the barriers without payment.

How much is the car park at Salford Royal hospital?

There are two on-site car parks (Central and North) which are accessed off Eccles Old Road allowing patients and visitors to park near to the part of the hospital they are visiting….Tariff info.

30 Minutes Free
8- 12 Hours £4.00
Weekly Saver £10.00
Monthly Saver £25.00
Lost Token £10.00

Where is outpatients at Salford Royal?

The outpatients department is on the ground floor in the Red Zone of the hospital. If you have parked on the main patient and visitor car park on the opposite side of Stott Lane then you should cross over the road towards Entrance 4.

How much is parking at Manchester Royal Infirmary?

30 minutes – 3 Hours: £2.50. 3-6 Hours: £5.00. 6-24 Hours: £15.00. Weekly Parking Permit: £20.00.

How many beds does Salford Royal Hospital have?

Salford Royal Hospital/Number of beds

What is the postcode for Salford Royal Hospital?

M6 8HD
Please use postcode M6 8HD if you are using sat-nav to find your way to the hospital.

Does Salford Royal have a walk in Centre?

A new Urgent Care Centre will be opened at Salford Royal. This will be for people with minor injuries. Next to the Urgent Care Centre will be the Trauma and Resuscitation Centre which will manage patients with serious injuries and life threatening conditions.

What road is Salford Royal on?

There are direct services from Manchester and Liverpool. On leaving the station turn right crossing the motorway bridge and right again along Wellington Road for 300 yards. Use the subway to cross Eccles Old Road and turn left past Sainsbury’s. The hospital is 500 yards ahead.

Is parking free at Manchester Royal Infirmary?

There is a car park at the Clinical Research Facility at Manchester Royal Infirmary on Grafton Street. It is free for research participants and other visitors to the facility. No Street View available.

How do I pay for the Grafton Street car park?

Parking is free for Blue Badge holders. Payment machines are located throughout the car park. Payment machines are located at the pedestrian entrance and along the Level 0 walkway which leads to the Security Office. There is a payment machine at a convenient height for wheelchair users.

What did Salford Royal Hospital used to be called?

the Salford and Pendleton Dispensary
History. The Royal Salford Hospital opened in 1827 as the Salford and Pendleton Dispensary. In 1829 permission was granted from King George IV to rename the Dispensary the Royal Salford and Pendleton Dispensary. New premises were built, and were occupied by March 1831.

Can you visit Salford Royal Hospital?

Visiting is suspended with immediate effect and until further notice. The only exceptional circumstances where one visitor – an immediate family member or carer – will be permitted to visit are listed below. The patient you wish to visit is receiving end-of-life care.

Where can I Park at Salford Royal Hospital?

Parking for disabled people: Spaces are available on the visitors’ car park. Drivers may drop-off disabled passengers at other points but must park on the visitors’ car park. Anyone needing assistance from their car into the Hospital should telephone in advance or ask at the car park barrier.

Where can I get a car parking permit in Salford?

Obtain authorisation form from ward/ department and visit website detailed, or the Car Parking Enquiries Desk in the Hope Building, open Monday to Friday from 08:00 (8am) until 20:00 (8pm) with your ticket & vehicle registration for authorisation to exit barriers.

Are there Blue Badge spaces at Salford Royal?

Salford Royal offers over 120 spaces for Blue Badge (disabled) holders across the three car parks. Please help us keep free from infection. Patients attending Clinical Sciences Building. All other Outpatients Clinics and diagnostic services not mentioned in the lists above.

What is the postcode for the hospital car park?

Please use postcode M6 8HD if you are using sat-nav to find your way to the hospital. Each of our hospital sites have a number of Patient and Visitor Car Parks and also parking for blue badge holders and drop off/ pick up areas. We use signage with different colours and symbols to designate available parking as detailed below.