Does Stobart own AW Jenkinson?

On 24 March 2010, the Stobart Group announced the purchase of 50% of A. W. Jenkinson Biomass Ltd, from A. W. Jenkinson Forest Products, for £30 million, as an equal mix of cash and shares.

What does AW Jenkinson do?

A.W. Jenkinson Transport Limited is one of the UK’s largest providers of haulage, distribution and logistics services. The Company was incorporated in 2014, having previously been part of A.W.

Is Eddie Stobart transport still in business?

Since 2014 it has been either wholly owned or partly owned by an investment entity known as Eddie Stobart Logistics: that entity changed its name to Logistics Development Group in February 2021….Eddie Stobart Group.

Type Private limited company

Is Eddie Stobart part of Stobart Group?

Stobart Investments includes the group’s remaining 11.8% stake in the Eddie Stobart Logistics business, a multi-model logistics company operating across the road, rail and ports sectors, which between 2007 and 2014 was Stobart Group’s main operation, when it was a wholly owned subsidiary.

Who owns Stobart Aviation?

Ettyl Ltd.
The airline had three bases in Cork, Dublin and Shannon which operated under the Aer Lingus Regional brand….Stobart Air.

Destinations 20
Parent company Ettyl Ltd.
Headquarters Dublin, Ireland
Key people Andy Jolly, Managing Director

What is William Stobart doing now?

Stobart was Chief Operating Officer of the Stobart Group from 2007 to 2014 and Chief Executive Officer of Eddie Stobart Logistics from 2014 to 2017. He then served as Executive Chairman of GreenWhiteStar Acquisitions from 2019 to 2021 and became Deputy Group CEO of Culina Group in 2021.

Who owns AW Jenkinson?

Allan Jenkinson
The Company remains wholly owned by Allan Jenkinson and is run by a board of directors who take day to day responsibility for the successful operation of the business – their wealth of experience ensuring the provision of efficient, reliable, cost-effective logistics, with a swift and professional service guaranteed.

Do Culina own Eddie Stobart?

The Culina Group, which acquired Eddie Stobart in July, has revealed that the classic Eddie Stobart green, red and white livery is set to become a thing of the past as part of the company’s new brand identity.

Does Tesco own Eddie Stobart?

Tesco is sticking with Eddie Stobart. Stobart Group, which used to own the whole business, retains a 49 per cent stake.

Who is the owner of Eddie Stobart?

Culina Group
Eddie Stobart owner GreenWhiteStar Acquisitions has been acquired by Culina Group to create reportedly the UK’s largest logistics provider.

Is Stobart Air bust?

Stobart Air, based in Dublin, has ceased all operations from today and is appointing a liquidator. The airline provided a busy network of flights badged as Aer Lingus Regional. Travellers booked on a dozen flights to and from Belfast City airport have been grounded.

Is Eddie Stobart owned by Tesco?

Who are Stobart Group and Aw Jenkinson Forest Products?

Stobart Group has formed a new venture with AW Jenkinson Forest Products to source and distribute supplies of biomass fuel at the same time as signing a 10-year transportation contract with the firm.

When did Dave Jenkinson join Eddie Stobart limited?

Dave joined Eddie Stobart Limited in 2010 and was fundamental in the development of their bulk haulage division, which latterly became Stobart Biomass Transport, who to this day work very closely with A.W. Jenkinson Transport.

Who is the chief executive of Stobart Group?

Andrew Tinkler, chief executive of Stobart Group, told that the two deals would give the company a “guaranteed income stream” in the long term, and was more cost-effective than buying AW Jenkinson outright. “It would have cost a lot more money [to acquire the firm].

Why was Penrith Truckstop purchased by A.W Jenkinson?

Penrith Truckstop is also a valuable asset for the wider A.W. Jenkinson group. it is adjacent to A.W. Jenkinson’s Penrith facility and Stobart Biomass and was originally purchased to guarantee local fuelling facilities and secure weekend overflow parking for Jenkinson’s expanding transport fleet.