Does T-Mobile prepaid have activation fee?

Plans: T-Mobile offers a basic plan, Essentials, and a mid-tier plan, called ONE. Overall, we’re pleased that T-Mobile plans are easy to understand—and that most of its advertised prices include taxes and fees. Oh, and there’s no activation fee.

Can Tmobile waive activation fee?

Things like waived activation or discounts on phones can be done, but usually through the manager or senior sales reps permission. T-mobile will unlock your phone for free at anytime during or after you contract.

How much does it cost to activate a phone at T-Mobile?

Sprint’s activation fee ranges as high as $30 per device; T-Mobile doesn’t charge an activation fee but instead requires a $20 “SIM starter kit” for new phone purchases.

Can you activate a prepaid SIM without ID?

Telcos must check your identity when you buy or activate a prepaid mobile service. You can’t activate your mobile service here – contact your telco! …

How long does it take for a prepaid SIM to activate?

How long does it take for a SIM card to activate? The time for a SIM card’s activation can vary massively, depending on what the reason for the change is – most activations take between 15 minutes and four hours. If it’s still not working after this time, try to turn your phone off and on again.

How do I avoid activation fees?

An activation fee is sometimes avoidable by switching to a new carrier during a promotional period that waives the fee. And some carriers reduce or eliminate the fee if you upgrade your device online.

How do I Activate my T Mobile phone?

Activate T-Mobile Prepaid service Gather the items you’ll need to activate service: Your phone’s serial number (sometimes referred to as IMEI). To find your phone’s serial number, dial *#06# and then send the call. Click the link to set up and activate your T-Mobile phone now. Contact T-Mobile Customer Service if you need assistance.

Is T Mobile a good cell phone service provider?

T-Mobile is the phone carrier to beat.

  • Verizon. T-Mobile’s cheaper plans and more extensive perks give it an overall edge over Verizon.
  • T.
  • Visible.
  • Metro by T-Mobile.
  • Google Fi.
  • Mint Mobile.
  • Consumer Cellular.
  • Boost Mobile.
  • Xfinity Mobile.
  • How do I Activate my T Mobile account?

    To activate your new SIM card online, first insert your new SIM card and, then, go to the T-Mobile SIM website. Log in with your account credentials, or create an account if you do not yet have one. Once you access your account, enter your phone number and your phone’s PIN. Then, select Submit to activate your new SIM.

    Can I reactivate my T Mobile phone?

    Call the T-Mobile customer service line. You will need to use a land line phone, or a different cell phone from the one with the SIM card to be reactivated. You can reach T-Mobile customer service by dialing 1-800-T-MOBILE between the hours of 3 a.m. and 10 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, according to T-Mobile.