Does the o2 Academy Leeds have seats?

O2 Academy Leeds/Capacity

What time do gigs finish at o2 Academy Leeds?

When do shows usually start and finish? Events in the arena finish no later than 11pm (Monday-Saturday) and no later than 10.30pm on Sunday.

How big is o2 Academy Leeds?

Designed to the highest technical specification, the auditorium is theatre style and has a capacity of 2,300 with original brick features and exposed beams and perfectly combines its magnificent heritage with a modern development.

Does o2 Academy Islington have seating?

O2 Academy Islington/Capacity

What does unreserved balcony seating mean?

‘Unreserved seating/standing’ means that the area has a limited amount of seating available on a first come first served basis. For those who do not get a seat, there is space to stand and watch the show behind the seats. If you would like a seat, we suggest that you arrive in good time.

What did O2 Academy Leeds used to be?

the Town and Country Club
The O2 Academy Leeds (formerly known as the Town and Country Club) is a music venue situated in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.

What is the capacity of the O2 Academy Islington?

O2 Academy Islington/Capacity

O2 Academy Islington is situated in the heart of North London. Formerly The Marquee Club, the 17,000 square foot purpose built venue, with a capacity of 800 is situated in the N1 Centre and ensures a superb diary all year round from internationally acclaimed artists and new talent.

What does unreserved general admission mean Ticketmaster?

“Unreserved” or “General Admission” tickets may be seating or standing tickets, and are allocated on a first-in, best-dressed basis at the event. The position you sit or stand usually depends on when you arrive at the venue.

What is pitch seating at a concert?

If your ticket is an “UNRESERVED SEATING LEVEL 1 / PITCH STANDING TICKET,” this means the following: 1) You have access to the pitch/floor for the event (noted as “STANDING” on diagram below). 2) You have access to around 15,000 unreserved seats on level 1 on a first come first serve basis.