How accurate is the 22 TCM rifle?

22 TCM makes tremendous gains in velocity; in fact, it averaged 2752 f.p.s. for 10 consecutive shots. Muzzle energy was 673 ft. -lbs., and standard deviation was 23. Shooting for accuracy, the M22 averaged 1.95″ for five consecutive, five-shot groups at 100 yds.

Is 22 TCM good for self defense?

22 TCM. In either rifle or pistol format it should work well for small-game/varmint hunting. With regard to personal defense, it is decidedly less than a . 22 TCM 1911 than I’ve had shooting any handgun in a long time.

Who makes the 22 TCM rifle?

22 TCM or 22TCM (. 22 Tuason Craig Micromagnum) is a proprietary bottle-necked cartridge created from a 5.56 NATO cartridge developed by custom gunsmith Fred Craig and Rock Island Armory (RIA) for semi-automatic pistols and the Rock Island M22 TCM bolt action rifle.

How much is a 22 TCM rifle worth?

MSRP $454. Rock Island Armory takes the success and popularity of the 22 TCM cartridge and combines it with the M22 TCM bolt action rifle. This rifle is a small game hunter’s dream, capable of delivering a 40gn projectile over 2800 feet per second out of a 22.75″ barrel.

What does 22 TCM stand for?

22 TCM – an acronym for Tuason (for Martin Tuason, Armscor president), Craig, Micromag. It is the latest of several factory-loaded . 22 caliber centerfire cartridges originally developed for handguns. Remington got the bandwagon rolling back in 1961 by necking down the . 357 Magnum for .

What is M22 rifle?

M22 assault rifle is a weapon in System Shock 2.

Can you shoot 22 TCM in 9mm?

Luckily, you don’t have to choose between one or the other, as the TCM line features pistols that can shoot both 22TCM and 9mm. Just swap out the 22TCM barrel with the 9mm accessory barrel that comes with the gun.

How far can you shoot a 22 LR?

A 22 LR bullet is capable of traveling 2,000 yards (1,800 m), which is more than 1 mile (1.6 km). Rimfire bullets are generally either plain lead with a wax coating (for standard-velocity loads) or plated with copper or gilding metal (for high-velocity or hyper-velocity loads).

Is the Armscor M22 TCM BA a pistol?

Not only is the Armscor M22 TCM BA chambered in pistols, but it is also chambered in a bolt-action rifle. That rifle, the M22 TCM BA is special because, unlike most other rifles, it uses pistol magazines! The 22 TCM is a nifty little cartridge.

Is the Armscor TCM 9R a good rifle?

The 22 TCM9R is a modified version of the 22 TCM. It uses the same case but a different profile bullet to enable it to fit in smaller magazines. When I reached out to Armscor, they told me it is safe to fire the 22 TCM 9R in a 22 TCM rifle, however, it may not feed well from the magazine due to the difference in geometry.

What kind of ammunition does a 22 TCM use?

However, Armscor/RIA provided the 22 TCM ammunition for testing. 22 TCM is not something easily sourced from local stores. All ammunition tested was 40 grain hollow-points, rated for 2800 fps using the exact rifle tested. Armscor/RIA provided 600 rounds for testing. All rounds were fired.

How big is A.22 TCM rifle case?

The .22 TCM’s case is 1.025″ long, and the maximum cartridge overall length (C.O.L.) is 1.265″ (some sources cite this as 1.260″)—0.010″ less than that of the .45 ACP—though measured factory loads ranged from 1.241″ to 1.250″. In comparison, the 9 mm Luger’s C.O.L. is 1.169″.