How do health visitors promote public health?

They provide a professional public health service based on best evidence of what works for individuals, families, groups and communities; enhancing health and reducing health inequalities through a proactive, universal service for all children 0-5 years and for vulnerable populations targeted according to need.

What are the 6 high impact areas of health visiting?

Health visitors lead the Healthy Child Programme 0 to 5 and the 6 early years high impact areas:

  • supporting the transition to parenthood.
  • supporting maternal and family mental health.
  • supporting breastfeeding.
  • supporting healthy weight, healthy nutrition.
  • improving health literacy; reducing accidents and minor illnesses.

What are the responsibilities of a health visitor?

What does a health visitor do?

  • providing health advice and health education programmes.
  • undertaking developmental assessments of babies and children.
  • helping people come to terms with issues such as postnatal depression.
  • establishing and addressing key health needs.
  • referral to and liaison with other relevant organisations.

What is a health visitor care plan?

They ensure that every new mother and child have access to a health visitor, receive development checks and receive good information about healthy start issues such as parenting and immunisation.

What is the role of health visitors in safeguarding?

Health visitors’ work mainly with families with under 5’s and their role involves assessing children’s developmental needs, their family and home situation and supporting parenting skills They are able to provide a range of practical help and advice to promote positive health and prevent illness and can advise on …

What is best start in life?

To get the best possible start in life, a baby’s mother needs to be healthy before and during pregnancy and childbirth. There is compelling evidence that a child’s experiences in the early years (0–4) has a major impact on their health and life chances, as children and adults.

What are the 4 service levels in health visiting?

The 0-5 Healthy Child Programme includes health visiting services (delivery of the service vision, four stage model including universal, community and targeted services) and Family Nurse Partnership services (targeted service for teenage mothers).

What skills do health visitors need?


  • an approachable personality, and the ability to get on well with and gain the trust of people of all ages and backgrounds.
  • excellent communication, questioning and listening skills, as well as the ability to interpret body language and other non-verbal communication.
  • sensitivity, empathy, patience and tact.

What is the role of a health visitor in safeguarding?

What happens at first visit to health visitor?

In the first year these are offered at two, three and four months. The health visitor will also talk to you about your emotional wellbeing since the birth of your baby. During this time, your baby should be offered another review looking at several areas, including language and learning, safety, diet, and behaviour.

Can I refuse a health visitor?

A health visitor has no right of access to your house – she cannot come in unless she is invited. Also, you are not obliged to use the services offered by a health visitor and you can refuse to see any of them at any time.

Why are health visiting services important to local government?

As with so much of public health, the move into local government offers fresh opportunities. By integrating health visiting with other services, such as children’s centres, early help, safeguarding and public health teams, we can provide better support to children and their families.

Why is the national health visitor plan important?

The National Health Visitor Plan: The early years are critical in shaping health and wellbeing throughout life. Improving outcomes for children, families and communities, as well as creating services that provide better access and experience, are essential.

What is the role of health visitors in Wales?

The role of the Health Visitors is crucial in terms of safeguarding and protecting children, through the provision of assessments, health promotion, identifying risks and delivering support that can prevent maltreatment occurring.20 16Welsh Government (2011) A Strategic Vision for Maternity Services in Wales.

What is the health visiting and school nursing service delivery model?

It continues to include a schedule of interventions, which range from universal services for all through to intensive support. The updated model emphasises the health visiting and school nursing role as leaders of the Healthy Child Programme, whilst acknowledging the important contribution of a range of delivery partners.