How do I check my M1 prepaid card?

Check your balance via the M1 Prepaid App. Alternatively, you can check via M1 Prepaid Account @ or dial #100*2# from your phone and select “Free Data Balance/Expiry”. Your remaining free data balance as well as the expiry will be displayed.

How can I extend the expiry date of my M1 prepaid card?

Simply dial #131# and select language. Enter the recipient’s mobile number. GOING. Simply activate Validity Extension via the M1 Prepaid App, M1 Prepaid Portal or dial #100*6*2#!

How do I activate my M1 prepaid card?

Download M1 Prepaid App or login to M1 Prepaid Portal. Turn “ON” Mobile Data and Data Roaming in phone settings. Tip: The Network Lock feature will connect you automatically to our preferred roaming partners’ network upon arrival.

How does M1 prepaid card work?

500MB Free Data for $5 Prepaid SIM is valid for 20 days and 4GB Free Data for $15 Prepaid SIM is valid for 120 days, from day of registration. $0 SIM will only be useable after a first top up of $8, $14, $25 or $60 at M1 Shops or Authorized Retailers.

Is M1 hotline 24 hours?

Call our 24-hour Customer Service hotline at 1627.

Do prepaid SIM cards expire?

Prepaid SIM cards don’t expire, but their credit does. When you activate a prepaid subscriber identity module, or “SIM,” card for a phone, the call, text and Internet credit you purchase expires after a certain period of time, as specified by the mobile carrier.

How long do prepaid SIM cards last?

The date at which service credit on a SIM card expires depends on the carrier, but is usually a fixed period — six months or a year, for example — after you load the credit that has most recently been loaded on the card.

How can I extend my SIM card validity?

USSD method to Extend your SIM’s validity

  1. Press : *113*30*9# for 30 days extension. Cost 2 Baht.
  2. Press : *113*60*9# for 60 days extension. Cost 4 Baht.
  3. Press : *113*90*9# for 90 days extension.
  4. Press : *113*180*9# for 180 days extension.
  5. Conditions: Must activate SIM for at least 90 days or have usage of 200 THB.

Can I terminate my M1 line?

Yes, you may change your plan via Early termination charges for the 12-month service commitment contract on mySIM3 plans will be waived.

How do I contact M1 service?

00 65 9680 1627
M1/Customer service