How do I contact Biblio com?

Your order information is delivered directly and securely to the bookseller(s) offering the book(s) you have chosen to purchase. All sales are fulfilled directly by our booksellers. We invite you to contact us at [email protected] with any questions about how works, or continue to browse our FAQ’s.

Is Biblio a reliable website?

Biblio has a consumer rating of 2.23 stars from 46 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Biblio most frequently mention customer service and tracking number problems. Biblio ranks 49th among Textbooks sites.

How do I sell on Biblio?

Biblio does not at this time purchase books. If you are not a bookseller or collector, but you have one or more books you would like to sell, we encourage you to contact one of our booksellers about an appraisal. You may be able to sell your book/s directly to a bookseller listing with us.

Does Biblio com sell eBooks?

Biblio Publishing offers the most up-to-date digital creation and printing of books as well as the ability to format and offer eBook formats to many titles. Our eBooks are sold through our website and through major online bookstores such as,, The Apple Bookstore and more.

Where is Biblio located? is an independent used book search marketplace based in Asheville, North Carolina.

How much commission does Biblio take?

An 8% commission on book price and shipping and a monthly fee (see below) plus a payment processing fee if Biblio processes payment. (Note: there is a $40 maximum commission and a $0.50 cent minimum commission per item sold.) Plus, we have a listing fee rebate plan!

What is the root of Biblio?

The root prefix “biblio-” comes via Latin from the Greek biblion, meaning “book” or “scroll.”

Who is Biblio com owned by?

Biblio, Inc. is wholly owned and operated by Biblio, Inc., a privately held company. The company advertises its use of a triple bottom line and runs in charity programs called Ecosend and Biblio Charitable Works, Inc.

Who owns Betterworldbooks?

Better World Libraries
Better World Books

Type Private B Corporation
Headquarters Mishawaka, Indiana, US
Revenue $65 million
Number of employees 340
Parent Better World Libraries

Is Thriftbooks owned by Amazon?

ThriftBooks opened a 190,000-sqft processing center in Phoenix in 2021 that created 150 new jobs….ThriftBooks.

Type Private
Products New and used media: books, DVDs, etc.
Number of employees 900 (2020)
Parent MMF Capital Management LLC, KCB Management LLC

What is Biblio Commission?

A commission of 12% on book price and shipping plus a payment processing fee if Biblio processes payment. ( Note: there is a $40 maximum commission and a $0.25 cent closing fee per item sold)