How do I enable Silverlight on Chrome for Mac?

On the address bar in Chrome, type chrome://flags/#enable-npapi . In the Enable NPAPI Mac, Windows box, click Enable. Exit and then restart Chrome. Reopen the Silverlight page.

How do I update Silverlight on Mac?

Download the current version of Silverlight

  1. Download the current version of Silverlight.
  2. Double-click on Silverlight. dmg in your browser’s Downloads menu.
  3. Double-click on Silverlight. pkg.
  4. Follow the installation prompts.
  5. Close and reopen your browser and try Netflix again.

How do I add Silverlight to Firefox on Mac?

Install & Enable Silverlight in Firefox

  1. Click the Tools drop down menu and select Add-ons. This will open the Mozilla Firefox Add-ons Manager.
  2. Select Add-ons.
  3. Choose Plugins.
  4. Locate the Silverlight plugin.
  5. If it’s disabled, click Always Activate.

How do I get Microsoft Silverlight to work on Chrome?

How to enable Microsoft Silverlight in Chrome (version 42 or…

  1. Type «chrome://flags/#enable-npapi» in browser.
  2. Scroll down to find Enable NPAPI.
  3. Select «Enable»

Should I install Silverlight on my Mac?

Unless you are running a computer that hasn’t been updated in 6 years then you probably don’t need Silverlight.

Is Silverlight safe for Mac?

Leo says Silverlight is safe, it’s made by Microsoft and is pretty much a Flash equivalent. Firefox does block outdated versions of Silverlight, and shows the warning that Jane was referring to.

What version of Firefox works with Silverlight?

Firefox 52
The last version of Firefox that runs Silverlight is the Extended Support Release of Firefox 52 (52.9.

Does Microsoft Silverlight work on Firefox?

For Windows if you use Win64 Firefox 52 ESR then only the 64-bit Flash Player and Silverlight NPAPI Plugins will run.

How do I enable Npapi in chrome 2020?

To enable NPAPI plugin support: In the browser address bar, enter: chrome://flags/#enable-npapi. In the Enable NPAPI section, click the Enable link. At the bottom of the configuration page, click the Relaunch button to relaunch the browser.

Why is Microsoft Silverlight not working?

This may be due to a broken version of Microsoft Silverlight. In your web browser, navigate to Scroll down to the “Resolution” section and select the “Microsoft Fix It” button. Save this file to your computer and run it.

How to enable Silverlight in Chrome and Firefox?

When opening in Firefox you may see the following message: Just click the link “Activate Silverlight” and time cockpit will be running. Chrome disabled Silverlight by default in version 42. If you are using a version greater or equal 42 you will see the following screen when navigating to

Which is the latest version of Silverlight for Mac?

Silverlight 5 Build 5.1.30214.0 Released March 11, 2014, as Pender stated, this version will not run on Safari7.0.2 in Mavericks. Must resort to Firefox for Netflix and other sights that use silverlight. I was unable to install an older working version of silverlight.

Which is the last browser to run Silverlight?

The last browser that runs Silverlight as far as I know is Internet Explorer 11. On Windows 10, you can start Internet Explorer through the system search box. Type ”’iexp”’ and Windows should show you that familiar pale blue e to click on. If not, perhaps you need to enable a system feature.

Why is Silverlight not working in Apple Safari?

When you reinstall Silverlight, the issue still occurs. This issue does not occur in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari. These browsers still support Silverlight content. This issue occurs because these versions of Chrome block Netscape Plugin API (NPAPI) plugins from being displayed in the browser.