How do I find historical markers in Texas?

Original files of Texas historical marker applications are housed at the THC Library, and inscriptions and location information for individual markers can be accessed through the Texas Historic Sites Atlas.

How do I find a historical marker?

How to Apply for a Historical Marker

  1. Make contact. The first step in the historical marker process is contacting the county historical commission (CHC) in your area.
  2. Research and write the story. The most important section of a historical marker application is the narrative history.
  3. Fill out the application form.

How many historical markers does Texas have?

There are now more than 16,000 state historical markers in Texas.

What is the importance of historical markers?

Historical markers benefit communities and the entire county by sparking further interest in local history. Dedication ceremonies, which celebrate the installation of the markers, focus attention on historic preservation.

What do historical markers mean in Texas?

Official Texas Historical Markers are those markers and plaques the Texas Historical Commission (THC) awards, approves or administers. Definition: Subject markers are educational in nature and reveal aspects of local history that are important to a community or region.

What is considered a historical marker?

Historical Marker means a sign erected to denote a significant or aesthetic historic site, building, or district as designated by the Historic District Commission.

How many historical markers are there in Texas?

The THC Official Texas Historical Marker Program, inaugurated in 1962, includes the Recorded Texas Historic Landmark (RTHL), subject marker, and Historic Texas Cemetery marker programs. More than 16,000 markers now have been placed across the state, including more than 3,800 RTHL markers.

Is there an app for historical markers in Texas?

This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Texas history near you! Texas is home to over 16,000 historical markers. And now there’s an app to help you find them! -Onboard marker database means you can browse markers without an Internet connection. -Browse markers by geographic locations including cities and counties.

What makes a RTHL a historic landmark in Texas?

According to the provisions of Texas Government Code, Chapter 442, Section 442.006 (f), the exterior appearance of RTHL buildings and structures should retain their historical integrity after designation.

When was the San Jacinto battleground marker erected?

-Texas Centennial markers and monuments erected in 1936! -Old San Antonio Road markers erected by DAR and the State of Texas in 1918! -San Jacinto Battleground markers erected by DRT and the State of Texas in 1912! -Complete Texas works of Pompeo Coppini! -Selected Texas works of Waldine Tauch, Frank Teich, Elisabet Ney, and others!