How do I find my T-Mobile Hotspot password?

The default Mobile Hotspot network name (SSID) and password can be found on the device display. Just press the Power/Menu button shortly when the display is on.. The default SSID is “FranklinT9 + the last 4 digits of the IMEI” and the default Wi-Fi password is a random password.

How do I access my T-mobile home Internet router?

Access the Web GUI For steps, check out Getting Started with T-Mobile Home Internet. Open a web browser and visit Log in with your username and password. To find the default username and password, check the label on the underside of the gateway.

How do I reset my tmobile Internet password?

Change Home Internet device password (Administration password)

  1. Select Expert > Device Settings > Administration to change the Home Internet device password.
  2. Changing the password will prevent anyone who can connect to Wi-Fi from accessing the Web User Interface and adjusting settings.

How do I access my T-Mobile Hotspot settings?

Turn on / off

  1. From any home screen, tap Apps > Settings.
  2. Under ‘WIRELESS & NETWORKS,’ tap More to expand the menu.
  3. Tap Mobile hotspot and tethering > Wi-Fi Hotspot.
  4. Tap the Wi-Fi HotSpot slider to turn on or off.

How do I reset my T-mobile hotspot?

Master reset from the admin page

  1. Access the hotspot WebUI Manager.
  2. Click the Settings > Device Settings.
  3. Click Device > Backup and Restore > Restore Factory Defaults.
  4. Click Reset button under Factory Reset.
  5. Click Confirm.
  6. Wait a moment as the device is restored to the default settings.

How do I reset my T-Mobile Test Drive hotspot?

Master reset with hardware keys

  1. Power on your Mobile Hotspot.
  2. Gently push the back cover down and then remove it.
  3. Locate the Reset point.
  4. When ready to perform the reset, if necessary, press and quickly release the Power button to wake up the screen.
  5. Gently insert a paper clip into the Reset point for the three seconds.

How can I make my T mobile Internet faster?

How To Solve T-Mobile’s Slow Internet Connection?

  1. Restart Internet Device: This is the first approach everyone goes for.
  2. Optimal Placement Of Equipment:
  3. Connect In-Home Devices:
  4. Solve Wi-Fi Password Issues:
  5. Replace Outdated Software Programs With The Latest Ones:
  6. Resolve Power Issues:

How do I reset my T-mobile Internet?

Turn off any VPN settings or apps. Remove the battery, and re-insert it. If you don’t have a removable battery, press and hold the power and volume down buttons until it resets. Turn on the device and test your internet.

How can I speed up my T-mobile Internet?

How do I fix my T mobile data?

Android devices:

  1. Reset the device APNs to default. For non-T-Mobile phones, see BYOD T-Mobile data & APN settings.
  2. Wipe the cache partition.
  3. Turn on data connection or packet data settings. If it’s already on, toggle it off and back on.
  4. Turn off Data Usage Limit or Data Limit.

Why does my T Mobile Hotspot keep blinking green?

When the green LED is blinking, your Franklin T9 Hotspot is powered on and operating normally.

What is the default wifi password for T Mobile?

For devices purchased before December 31, 2019, the default username and password is admin. For devices purchased after December 31, 2019, the default password will match the Wi-Fi Password on the label. View and change network information and settings in the T-Mobile LTE Wi-Fi Gateway.

How does the T-Mobile password reset tool work?

The T-Mobile Password Reset Tool uses a profile, composed of a set of questions and answers that you create. You must first create a profile before you can use the T-Mobile Password Reset Tool. The T-Mobile Password Reset Tool enables you to quickly unlock and reset your NT, or Watson account without contacting…

How does data speed work with T-Mobile Data pass?

Speeds & coverage vary based on device and location. Check for details. After allotment, data slows to plan speed (up to 128Kbps for plans without int’l data service). Activating a new pass ends remaining benefits of prior pass.

How to check your T-mobile LTE network status?

Select Basic > Network > Status to view information about your LTE and Home network connections, including: Select Basic > Network > LTE to view and change the following LTE settings: Data roaming (this setting will not allow you to move your T-Mobile Home Internet service) APN: fbb.home