How do I get Local 399?

The first and most direct option is to call the Teamsters Local 399 organization phone line. You can reach them at (818) 985-7374. If you dial “1” at the prompt, a voice message will inform you of the current state of member classification.

What is the 399 union?

Teamsters Local 399 represents workers in the Motion Picture Industry including firms that produce Feature Films, Television Programs, Commercials, and New Media Productions.

What are the union dues for Local 399?

Keep in mind when paying your Quarterly Dues on time they are $309 + $4 credit card transaction fee totaling: $313.

  • (This is the NEW Dues amount.
  • Dues are due every January, April, July & October in order to avoid late fees.
  • Any payments made outside of these months will result in late fees.

How much does a Local 399 make?

Teamsters Local 399 Salary FAQs The salary starts at $43,778 per year and goes up to $45,331 per year for the highest level of seniority.

How many members are in Local 399?

Membership Trend

Year Members
2016 9,148
2017 9,268
2018 9,593
2019 9,826

What is the definition of Teamster?

: one who drives a team or motortruck especially as an occupation.

How much does an operating engineer make?

Operations Engineer Salary

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $131,500 $10,958
75th Percentile $109,500 $9,125
Average $96,944 $8,078
25th Percentile $70,500 $5,875

How much does it cost to join Teamsters?

The Teamster dues rate is 2.5 times our base hourly rate per month, minus license premiums. So, if you’re an AMT or work in facility maintenance and make $28.00 per hour (minus license premiums for AMTs), your monthly dues will be $70. In some cases, local membership may have added an addi- tional assessment.

How much do Teamsters make?

Teamster Salary

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $95,500 $46
75th Percentile $90,000 $43
Average $79,280 $38
25th Percentile $75,000 $36

Does the Teamsters Union still exist?

The Teamsters are America’s largest, most diverse union. In 1903, the Teamsters started as a merger of the two leading team driver associations. Today, the Union’s task is exactly the same.

Where is Jimmy Hoffa buried?

Instead Hoffa is allegedly buried beneath a green at Savannah Inn and Golf Country Club, located on Wilmington Island just off the coast of Georgia.

Is it safe to enter Union Hall Local 399?

Local 399 has implemented strict COVID-19 protocols to ensure the health and safety of our members, staff and visitors. We ask anyone entering the Union Hall or Training Facility to follow all safety measure put in place.

Who is Austin Aanrud, IUOE Local 399 trainee candidate?

IUOE Local 399 Trainee candidate, Austin Aanrud was involved in a serious car accident. Austin’s family has a long line of Local 399 members including his mother, grandfather and many uncles. Our prayers go out for him and his family. Please check this information and support Austin and his family if you can!

What does Local 399 do for the American jobs plan?

Local 399 members are encouraged to take part in the Action Network campaign to support the rebuilding of America through the American Jobs Plan. Please click the link below to learn how you can help support american workers and your union brothers and sisters by supporting this Plan. UNION FAMILY STRONG!

How to pay Ironworkers Local 399 dues online?

Login to the Members Only section of our site to view member information and pay your dues online. Click Here