How do I name an event?

How to choose a good name.Take words right out of the dictionary. Create completely made-up words. Invent portmanteau words. Find words unique to the event. Make puns. Ask yourself what the heart of your event is, and then express this in terms a little off dead-center.

How do you write an interesting event description?

Tips for writing a great event descriptionWrite a short, snappy event title. Put the tastiest bits upfront in the summary. Give us information, not opinion or rhetoric. If your initiative has a suite of different activities and events, give examples. Tell us who your experts and speakers are. Include an captivating picture.

How would you describe a good event?

Here are some adjectives for events: ultimate rare, far-off divine, violent stellar, unusual cosmological, common cross-cultural, unstoppable historic, freakishly improbable, dire, huge, major historic, childish, infuriating, unexplained but fortuitous, unusual and perhaps significant, suspicious or untoward, upcoming …

How do you write a copy of an event?

8 Must-Know Steps to Writing Great Event Copy (With Examples)Write for your audience.Offer them great value.Steal from other event listings.Write a good headline.Create compelling copy.Make it easy to read.Optimise for search engines.Include a call-to-action.

How do you write an event story?

To show the traits of good writing, keep the following in mind when writing a story:Ideas and Content – Tell about one main event, who was involved and what happened. Organize ideas to move more clearly from one idea to the next. Express your point-of-view. Use different words rather than the same words over and over.

How do I write an Eventbrite description?

Use these best practices:Start with an outline — map out what you want to say before you start writing.Break up copy into sections with headers.Use bullet points.Copy and paste your event description into the free Hemingway App to help you make your writing easy to read.

How do you make an event special?

5 Ways To Make Your Event Even More AwesomeCreate buzz around your event. To impress your attendees and create a memorable experience, everything needs to be top-notch not only on the day of the event but also before and after that day. First impression matters. Choose the perfect host. Set the mood with lighting, colors and music. Don’t forget to thank your guests.