How do Soss invisible hinges work?

The SOSS Invisible Closer is a “spring hinge” with a fully (and easily) adjustable spring. By turning an external screw, the tension on the spring can be adjusted, thus affecting the closing speed of the door. This hinge will not dampen or cushion the closing.

What does Soss hinge stand for?

A soss hinge is a concealed hinge that is used on inset doors. It is known as a type of invisible hinge because it cannot be seen when the cabinet door is closed. A soss hinge is an invisible hinge that is used on inset cabinet doors. It is completely concealed when the door is closed.

How do I choose a Soss hinge?

To obtain the best performance from SOSS Invisible Hinges, it is recommended that the largest hinge model be used for the material thickness of the door. Every door should be provided with at least one hinge for every 30 inches in height or portion thereof; however, more hinges may be required per chart below.

Are Soss hinges soft close?

The SOSS Invisible Closer gives you a door closer that is totally invisible from either side when the door is closed. The closure rate is completely adjustable with an allen wrench after installation, and does not require removal of the closer….Dimensions.

Door Thickness 1-3/4″
D 1″

How much weight can Soss hinges hold?

Allow no more than 20″ of door height and 60 pounds per hinge or 55 pounds per closer. Notes: Fire rated hinges and closures should not be used on doors that can be held open.

How much weight can a Soss hinge hold?

How much weight can a door hinge hold?

How Much Weight Can I Hang on the Outside Doors?

Door Hinge Type Medium Frequency High Frequency
Residential duty hinge 400 pounds 200 pounds
Commercial Duty Hinge 600 pounds 400 pounds
Heavy duty hinge 1000 pounds 600 pounds
Cabinet Doors ~ 80 pounds ~ 80 pounds total

Can you adjust Soss hinges?

What makes SOSS Invisible Hinges different is the design of our hinges has been around for over a 100 years. We don’t create adjustable hinges because our hinges don’t require adjusting.

How many hinges does a solid core door have?

Three hinges
Some homes have many hinges for appearance. It depends on the door’s weight. 2 hinges are required for regular hollow core doors. Three hinges are needed for solid doors.