How do you beat the Sasquatch in cyberpunk?

She is big and strong, but not very fast. Your best tactic against Sasquatch is to dodge to the sides. Before she turns, aim for the Purple Crystal if you haven’t taken it out yet or if you have, aim for her head. Sasquatch has a special ability which allows her to move to you almost instantly in a flash.

Can you avoid Sasquatch cyberpunk?

Can you avoid fighting Sasquatch? Yes, it is possible. We recommend doing this only if your character is too weak to defeat Sasquatch. If you are strong enough to defeat her yet you avoid the fight, you won’t be able to gain experience points and unique loot.

Where is Sasquatch cyberpunk?

Sasquatch Location Sasquatch can be found at the mall in Pacifica. You can face her during I Walk the Line.

How do you beat Matilda cyberpunk?

Get her to swing her hammer at you while standing near a piece of furniture. Dodge right when her hammer is about to hit you it will hit the furniture. This will daze Matilda for a few seconds giving you the opening to move to her back and break the purple crystal.

Should I side with voodoo or NetWatch?

Towards the end, if you side with NetWatch, they will get a bunch of Voodoo Boy guards killed. We don’t want to go into why because it would be a major story spoiler. You will need to sneak or fight your way out at the end of the mission. If you side with the Voodoo Boys, you can leave peacefully instead.

Should I side with the NetWatch agent?

If you sided with the NetWatch Agent during I Walk The Line, all the Voodoo Boys will be dead around you. You can sneak your way out – or go out guns blazing – until you re-enter the chapel and have a boss fight against Placide before you can leave.

Should U side with NetWatch?

Should I draw my weapon on Brigitte?

If you draw the weapon, everyone will become hostile immediately. You’ll have to fight off a bunch of enemies, including Brigitte and the netrunners. If you do, Brigitte and the netrunners will already be dead when you wake up, so you’ll have less enemies to deal with.

What happens if you side with the NetWatch agent?