How do you calibrate a Fluke 179 Multimeter?


  1. Hold the Min/Max button down while turning the rotary know to the “VAC” position.
  2. Press the Auto/Hold button again.
  3. When “C-01” displays on the screen, attach the outputs from the meter to the inputs on your electric calibrator.

What is the maximum AC voltage that can be measured with Fluke 179 Multimeter used in lab?

AC voltage from 30.0 mV to 1000 V.

How do you measure current with Fluke 179?

How to measure Ac & Dc current with Fluke 179 True RMS Digital multimeter?

  1. Point the dial to mA Hz or A Hz.
  2. Inside the com jack insert black lead.
  3. Inside the 400 mA jack insert Red lead for measuring current up to 600 mA and into 10 A for measurement up to 10 A.

How do you reset a Fluke Multimeter?

Hold down the “Min/Max” button on the meter. While holding this button down, turn the rotary knob to the “VAC” position. You will see “CAL” appear on the display to indicate that you have entered calibration mode. You can now release the “Min/Max” button safely.

What is the difference between Fluke 177 and 179?

Fluke 177 is the intermediate offering of th epopular 170 series. Fluke 179 is the top of the line offering in the popular 170 series, able to measure frequency, capacitance, and resistance as well as tempurature in both F and C, all on a 6000 count display for better resolution.

How much is a Fluke multimeter?

Fluke 115 True RMS Digital Multimeter Model: 115 | Order No: 115/EFSP

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What kind of multimeter is the fluke 175?

The Fluke 175, 177, and 179 are battery-powered, True-rms multimeters (the Product) with a 6000-count, 3 3/4-digit display and a bar graph. This manual applies to all three models. All figures show the 179. How to Contact Fluke To contact Fluke, call one of the following telephone numbers: Technical Support USA: 1-800-44-FLUKE (1-800-443-5853)

What do you need to know about the fluke 179?

Backlit digital display, analog bar graph, and built-in temperature measurements with included thermocouple. The Fluke 179 True-rms Digital Multimeter is the industry-standard troubleshooting tool for electrical and electronic systems.

What is the RMS rating of a fluke multimeter?

The Fluke 179 True-rms Digital Multimeter is the industry-standard troubleshooting tool for electrical and electronic systems. This incredibly versatile multimeter makes a perfect front-line troubleshooting tool with an input protection rating of CAT III 1000 V, CAT IV 600 V.

How to disable sleep mode on fluke 179?

To disable Position the Sleep mode, hold down the YELLOW button while turning the AC voltage from 30.0 mV to 1000 V. True RMS Multimeters Display Display Symbol Meaning Measurement units. n F, F, C mVA, Mke, kHz Direct current, alternating current. DC, AC Low battery. Replace battery. All possible ranges. 610000mV Bar graph Analog display.