How do you drink a grenade shot?

Fill another shot glass with 151 proof rum, 151 proof grain alcohol, and Jägermeister. Pour beer into a pint glass. Balance the two shot glasses in the mouth of the pint glass. To serve, pull out the first shot and shoot, let the other one fall into the beer and drink after.

How do you drink an Irish Hand Grenade?

The whiskey is layered over the Irish cream in a shot glass, and the shot glass is then dropped into a glass of stout. The drink should be consumed quickly as the cream will cause it to curdle within a short time.

How many hand grenades can you drink?

It’s important to stick to just one, though. Tropical Isle itself warns what can happen if you drink too many. Three Hand Grenades “will result in complete loss of your inhibitions.” At five, well, “you’re on your own! We don’t recommend drinking 5!”

What explosive is in a hand grenade?

The grenades most commonly used in wartime are explosive grenades, which usually consist of a core of TNT or some other high explosive encased in an iron jacket or container.

What is the strongest drink in New Orleans?

Hand Grenade Drink
From the French Quarter and beyond, the world famous Hand Grenade Drink from Tropical Isle® is New Orleans Most Powerful Drink®! You can readily spot our scrumptious drink in the hands of people on Bourbon Street by the bright green Hand Grenade® yard cup in their hands!

What is the drink of New Orleans?

Sazerac (Classic New Orleans Cocktail!) Here’s how to make a Sazerac, the official cocktail of New Orleans! Cognac, whiskey and absinthe make up this famous drink that tastes like no other.

How long does it take to make a hand grenade cocktail?

Combining multiple liquors in one drink makes for a strong, stiff, potent cocktail. Total Time: 5 minutes | Prep Time: 5 minutes | Serves: 1. Ingredients: 1½ ounces gin. 1½ ounces grain alcohol. 1½ ounces melon liqueur. 1½ ounces vodka. 1½ ounces rum.

How many calories in a hand grenade cocktail?

Beware, in the USA the operators of Tropical Isle have trademarked Hand Grenade so preventing other establishments not licensed by Tropical Isle from selling cocktails of this name. There are approximately 266 calories in one serving of Hand Grenade.

Where did the hand grenade drink come from?

History of the Hand Grenade. The laid-back drink is fluorescent green in color, a highly potent punch said to have been invented by Earl Bernhardt and Pam Fortner, business partners who transformed their drink stand at the 1984 World’s Fair into a Bourbon Street empire of French Quarter bars like the chain of Tropical Isle bars.

Where can you buy hand grenades in New Orleans?

This signature drink pairs melon flavors and spirits for an explosive cocktail served in a grenade-shaped cup. Hand grenades are only licensed to be sold at select New Orleans bars, including the Tropical Isle, but you can mix a cocktail at home that’s inspired by this Bourbon Street favorite.