How do you get free donuts in tapped out 2020?

There is a discord channel for Simpsons: Tapped Out. They give all new people who join 500 free donuts. No strings attached to this. Join the discord, comment in the for the signup donuts and you will be given the donuts for free!

How do you get more donuts in Simpsons Tapped Out 2020?

Ways to Get Donuts

  1. Level up. You usually get 1-2 donuts when you go up a level.
  2. Clean up Springfield. Lisa and Homer can uncover donuts when they perform the Clean Up Springfield task about 1 every 5 times (I would estimate).
  3. Connect with friends.
  4. Answer the Mayan God’s question correctly the 1st time.

How do you get donuts cheat on Simpsons Tapped Out?

This is a rather easy one and doesn’t require any skill. Tap on Homer so his task list comes up next to him. Now tap on Homer 10 times quickly. Doing this will unlock 10 donuts and a Jebediah Statue.

Which buildings generate donuts in tapped out?

Lard Lad Donut Factory and Costco are the only buildings that give donuts.

How can I get free donuts?

Download the Krispy Kreme app, available for Android and iOS, join their rewards program, and you’ll get a free donut automatically added to your account. This is a separate account than their online rewards program, so be sure to get your free donut this way as well. No purchase necessary!

How do I get God in tapped out?

God’s unlock message. God is a limited-time premium character that was released on October 23, 2019, as part of the Treehouse of Horror XXX Event. He is unlocked upon the placement of The Ten Commandments.

How do you get Grandpa in tapped out?

Among them is Grampa Simpsons, Homer’s father and crotchety old man.

  1. Open the game on your device by tapping on the particular icon.
  2. To unlock Grampa Simpson, you need to reach to level 19.
  3. After reaching to the level 19 you will be able to unlock the Retirement Castle.

What gives the most XP in tapped out?

For those who don’t know what XP farming is, it’s basically a method of turning on your XP Collider (yes even though it costs donuts) and then purchasing one item or another (Rat Trap Trucks and Bloodmobiles are the most commonly used) to gain loads of XP to level up quickly.

What is the highest level on tapped out?

Re: What is the maximum level in the game the simpsons tapped out? Maximum level is 939.

Does Dunkin Donuts give free donuts on your birthday?

Dunkin Donuts: Donut you want a doughnut? Get a free beverage on your birthday if you sign up to be a DD Perks member.

Is there a way to get free donuts in tapped out?

For those who want to spend $100 on a truckload of donuts that saves you 2 hours, then by all means do. For most people, however, the cost of donuts is absolutely crazy and we are going to look for methods to get free donuts in Tapped Out.

Is the Simpsons Tapped Out unlimited Donuts still available?

The answer is YES! It works 100% and we do everything we can so that it would stay so. When you open tapped out hack – there you will see the last date when it was updated. Most of the time it will be not more than a week or two ago, unless nothing new happens on Tapped Out servers, which is very unusual.

Do you get donuts every time you level up?

Each time you level up in-game, you should get a number of bonus donuts as a reward for your efforts. It is hard to level up on-demand of course but it is a steady supply of donuts that you can rely on being rewarded as you progress.