How do you get shadow of death in Word?

Core set. Two copies of regular Shadow Word: Death (Core) are obtained for raising priest to level 1. Two copies of golden Shadow Word: Death (Core) are obtained for winning 50 games as priest. Shadow Word: Death (Core) is uncraftable and cannot be crafted or disenchanted.

Do shadow priests use Shadow Word Death?

Shadow Word: Death is a level 75 Shadow priest talent. It is a Shadow Word – a Shadow-based direct damage spell that deals instant damage, and an “execute” ability, only usable on targets below 20% health….

Shadow Word: Death
Class Priest
School Shadow
Charges 2

What level is Shadow Word Death?

level 46
Shadow Word: Death is a priest ability learned at level 46 for those with the Shadow specialization. It is a Shadow Word – a Shadow-based direct damage spell. It can only be used on targets below 20% health. It also generates a [Shadow Orb].

Is Shadow Word Death good?

Shadow word: death is an amazing spell!! it currently receives 100% of +damage and healing gear and it is instant cast, which is HUGE, especially for pvp since it has only a 6 second cooldown it is somewhat spamable.

What word is shadow?

noun. a dark figure or image cast on the ground or some surface by a body intercepting light. shade or comparative darkness, as in an area.

Can Shadow Word Death Crit TBC?

This spell can really put out some high crits. As far as I know, you’re able to negate the damage done to yourself if you shield and/or take a shadow protection pot.

What boy name means shadow?

Erebus (Greek origin), meaning “deep darkness” or “shadow”, can be an excellent baby name for your little boy.

Is Priest good in TBC arena?

In terms of PvP, Healer Priest is an excellent option with a vast arsenal of tools for every circumstance. Dispel Magic is the highlight of the class, amounting to bulk of PvP capability. TBC introduces a wide array of new talents across all specializations of all classes.

How often does shadow pain tick?

This DoT (Damage over Time-spell) ticks once every third second. This increases the duration of the DoT by 3 seconds per talent point, effectively adding one more tick.