How does GFP get expressed?

The protein is coded for by a single gene. The GFP gene can be inserted downstream of the promoter of a gene in another organism. RNA polymerase binds to promoter regions to initiate transcription. If the GFP gene is inserted correctly, it can be expressed in organisms other than jellyfish.

What are GFP mice?

Green fluorescent protein (GFP) found in Aequorea victoria absorbs blue light and emits green fluorescence without exogenous substrates or co-factors. Transgenic mice were produced using the GFP coding sequence, ligated with the chicken beta-actin promoter.

Is the GFP gene always expressed?

Green fluorescent protein: green cells do not always indicate gene expression. Green fluorescent protein (GFP) has been used as a reporter molecule for gene expression because it emits green fluorescence after blue-light excitation.

What gene expresses GFP?

Expression of gfp could be visualized in Vibrio sp. strain S141 cells at uniform levels of intensity from either the lac or the npt-2 promoter, whereas expression of gfp could be visualized in Psychrobacter sp.

How is GFP detected?

Flow cytometry and fluorescent microscopy are two conventional tools to detect the GFP signal; flow cytometry is an effective and sensitive technique to quantitatively analyze fluorescent intensity, while fluorescent microscopy can visualize the subcellular location and expression of GFP.

How are transgenic animals made?

Abstract. Transgenic animals are created by deliberately inserting a gene into the genome of an animal. Recombinant DNA methodology is used to construct the gene that is intended to express desirable qualities during the growth and development of the recipient animal.

What does the GFP gene code for?

Biologists use GFP as a marker protein. GFP can attach to and mark another protein with fluorescence, enabling scientists to see the presence of the particular protein in an organic structure. Gfp refers to the gene that produces green fluorescent protein.

What is the advantage of using GFP as a reporter gene?

Two advantages of GFP as a reporter of gene expression are that i. protein accumulation can be directly observed in living cells prior to quantitative analysis, and ii. GFP gene expression can be measured on a cell-by-cell basis.

Where can I find transgenic mice expressing GFP?

1 Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, Washington University School of Medicine, St Louis, Missouri 63110, USA. We generated transgenic mice in which red, green, yellow, or cyan fluorescent proteins (together termed XFPs) were selectively expressed in neurons.

What kind of fluorescent proteins are used in transgenic mice?

We generated transgenic mice in which red, green, yellow, or cyan fluorescent proteins (together termed XFPs) were selectively expressed in neurons. All four XFPs labeled neurons in their entirety, including axons, nerve terminals, dendrites, and dendritic spines.

What kind of GFP is found in T cells?

GFP expression is uniform within a cell type lineage and remains constant throughout development. T cells have a 2-fold higher GFP expression than CD19 + B220 + B cells or peripheral blood cells. Leukocytes and red blood cells from homozygous mice fluoresce at approximately twice the level of cells from hemizygous mice.

When to use the UBI-GFP mouse strain?

When using the UBI-GFP mouse strain in a publication, please cite the originating article (s) and include JAX stock #004353 in your Materials and Methods section. Sized to accommodate orders of up to 10 or more with age range. Ask Customer Service for details.