How expensive is electricity in Paris?

In the second half of 2020, the average electricity price for households in France amounted to 12.92 euro cents per kWh. Since 2010, the electricity prices for household consumption have been continuously increasing: from 12.83 cent per kilowatt-hour.

How much is electricity per month in Paris?

Summary about cost of living in Paris, France: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 3,943$ (3,401€) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 1,099$ (948€) without rent….Cost of Living in Paris.

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Utilities (Monthly) Edit
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 915 sq ft Apartment 178.55€

How expensive is electricity in France?

Eurostat figures show that France has one of the lowest electricity prices in western Europe, costing on average €0.1765 per kWh in 2019. This was 25% cheaper than the EU average (€0.2159 per kWh), and much cheaper compared to Spain or Germany, where prices are respectively 46% and 79% higher than in France.

Why is electricity expensive in France?

The reason of course is because nearly 80% of the supply is from nuclear energy. More recent figures for 2020 can be found at Electricity Prices in France (and Europe) 2020. However, many French households pay more in electricity than consumers elsewhere in Europe due to the poor level of insulation in many homes.

How much is French water bill?

The average annual water bill for a house in France is about 453.60€, or about 3.78€/cubic metre, but rates are fixed by the local commune and range widely across the country.

How can I lower my electricity bill in France?

Top Tips on How to Lower Electricity Bills in France in 2021

  1. Setting the right temperature at home.
  2. Optimising the use of radiators.
  3. Optimising the use of electrical appliances.
  4. Regularly controlling boiler maintenance.
  5. Subscribing to a cheaper electricity provider.

Is Paris more expensive than London?

Nonetheless, London is much more expensive than Paris. Indeed, unit prices in London reach an average value of 720,000 euros, much higher than in Paris where 56 square meters — the average surface bought — costs an average of 450,000 euros.

Does France have cheap electricity?

Even with the price rise, France’s electricity is around 20% cheaper than the European average, with a price of €0.18 per kWh.

Do you have to pay for water in Paris?

In short: Yes, you can drink the tap water in Paris and most Parisians (if not to say all) are doing it every day. The waiter will bring you a pitcher of tap water that is free of charge, and absolutely safe to drink.

How much is water in Paris?


Product Average Price Price Range
Water (1.5 liter bottle) €0.75 €0.50 – €1.00
Bottle of wine (mid-range) €6.75 €5.00 – €8.00
Domestic beer (0.5 liter bottle) €1.84 €1.30 – €2.00
Imported beer (33cl ≃ 11.2oz small bottle) €2.08 €1.50 – €3.00

What is the average electricity usage per household in France?

about 4760 kWh
A typical French household consumes about 4760 kWh electricity per year, on average.

What’s the average cost of electricity in France?

If we consider that most of them have a Base meter option (with a price of electricity that is the same every hour of the day) and that the average power of the meter is 6 kVA, then we can say that the average price of kWh in France is 0.1582€ and the annual subscription charge is 127.16€.

What’s the average price of electricity in the world?

For comparison, the average price of electricity in the world for that period is 0.138 U.S. Dollar per kWh for households and 0.123 U.S. Dollar for businesses. We calculate several data points at various levels of electricity consumption for both households and businesses but on the chart we show only two data points.

How can I save money on electricity in France?

While this is not necessarily the case in other countries, in France the large majority of competitive suppliers offer lower prices than the regulated tariff, meaning that you can save money on energy by comparing supply offers. The price of electricity changes continuously (and almost always increases).

Is there a single electricity tariff in France?

Our English-speaking advisors will help you compare, subscribe and save on your electricity and gas plans. Since the opening of the French electricity market to competition in 2017, there is no longer a single electricity price but a multitude of different tariffs.