How is SES pay determined?

SES pay levels at time of appointment are determined by an individual’s qualifications and the level of responsibility of the position. Subsequent adjustments in pay levels are based on performance and/or level of responsibility of the position.

What is an SES Level 5?

Executive Schedule – ES Level 5 Pay The Executive Schedule (ES) sets the yearly salaries for top government officials, including the leaders and senior personnel in over 75 Federal government agencies. Level V Executive Schedule is the pay grade directly above grade 15 on the General Schedule.

How much are SES bonuses?

The average bonus for career SES members was $11,928 in fiscal 2016, an increase of $1,186 when compared with the fiscal 2015 report.

How much do SES make?


Classification P5 Median
SES 1 $212,628 $243,083
SES 2 $270,789 $305,066
SES 3 $346,003 $410,874

How many levels of SES are there?

The SES would have six pay levels, with rank in person rather than rank in position, to further encourage mobility and to facilitate their use in a wide variety of situations. In order to incentivize performance, SES members would be eligible for substantial annual bonuses and for Presidential Rank Awards.

Do SES volunteers get paid?

Payments are tax-free and are not means-tested. Most applicants will receive their payment within five days of the application. For more information, visit a Service NSW Centre, go online to or call 13 77 88.

What is SES pay cap?

The GS pay cap will increase from $161,900 to $164,200 and the SES cap from $187,000 to $189,600.

Do SES get locality pay?

Employees under high-level pay systems such as the SES do not get locality pay since they are in pay-for-performance systems, but the pay cap applying to them—in most cases, currently $189,600—would increase by the 1.9 percent average.

What are the levels of SES?

However, SES is more commonly used to depict an economic difference in society as a whole. Socioeconomic status is typically broken into three levels (high, middle, and low) to describe the three places a family or an individual may fall into.

What military rank is equivalent to Senior Executive Service?

The Senior Executive Service ( SES) is a position classification in the civil service of the United States federal government, equivalent to general officer or flag officer ranks in the U.S. Armed Forces. It was created in 1979 when the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 went into effect under President Jimmy Carter .