How many employees does Credit Suisse have in the UK?

5,500 staff
The Swiss bank employs about 5,500 staff in London. A spokesman said Credit Suisse “continued to investigate its options”.

How many employees does Credit Suisse have globally?

47,860 employees
Today, Credit Suisse has operations in over 50 countries and more than 47,860 employees from over 150 different nations.

How many offices does Credit Suisse have?

Credit Suisse is headquartered in Z├╝rich, Switzerland and has 82 office locations across 47 countries.

Is Credit Suisse competitive?

Credit Suisse Ranks 6th in Overall Culture Score 37 Employees rate Credit Suisse’s Overall Culture a 51/100, which ranks it 6th against its competitors, below CIT Group. Overall Culture scores are aggregated from all of the questions employees at a company answer on Comparably.

What countries does Credit Suisse operate in?

Careers. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, we have a global reach with operations in about 50 countries and employ more than 45,000 people from over 150 different nations.

Who bought Credit Suisse?

UBS Group AG
Credit Suisse has a market value of 26 billion Swiss francs ($28 billion). An acquisition by cross-town rival UBS Group AG, capitalized at 55 billion francs, would generate substantial savings.

What is so special about Credit Suisse?

Today Credit Suisse has a global reach with operations in over 50 countries and 46,640 employees from over 150 different nations. Our broad footprint helps us to generate a geographically balanced stream of revenues and net new assets and allows us to capture growth opportunities around the world.

How to contact Credit Suisse in the United Kingdom?

Alternately, you may contact us at our Regional Headquarter locations listed below. New York. Credit Suisse Eleven Madison Avenue Tel: +1 212 325 2000. London. Credit Suisse One Cabot Square London E144QJ United Kingdom Tel: +44 20 7888 8888 Fax: +44 20 7888 1600. Zurich. Credit Suisse Uetlibergstrasse 231 P.O. Box 700 CH 8070 Zurich Switzerland

What is the purpose of the Credit Suisse Group?

Credit Suisse. Our company. We build lasting value by serving our clients with care and entrepreneurial spirit. The Credit Suisse Group purpose is at the core of everything we do. It underpins the value we create and has powered our progress for more than 160 years. It captures the essence of ‘why’ we exist as an organization.

Where is the headquarters of Credit Suisse located?

Credit Suisse at a glance. Founded in 1856 with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, Credit Suisse has operations in over 50 countries.

How to contact an employee of Credit Suisse?

Contacting a Credit Suisse Employee. You may contact a Credit Suisse employee by writing to that individual at: Credit Suisse. Eleven Madison Avenue. New York, NY 10010. If the employee is not based in New York, the mail will be forwarded.