How many seats does a KLM 777 have?

When you’re travelling to Buenos Aires, Singapore, or Tokyo, you may fly with the Boeing 777-300ER….Aircraft facts.

Wingspan 64.80 m
Height 18.50 m
Cruising speed 920 km/h
Max. range 12,000 km
Max. passengers 408

How many seats does AA 777 200 have?

212 passengers
The Main Cabin of the 777-200 seats 212 passengers in a 3x4x3 configuration. Seats are 17.1-18.1 inches wide with 31-32 inches of pitch. That’s not exceedingly roomy, but at least the plane checks all the boxes with respect to in flight entertainment.

What is best seat in business class on 777?

As a side note, the Boeing 777-300ER is the only American Airlines plane that still has a first class cabin. The best seats on AA 777-300: Our favorites are the window seats in mini-cabin, 3A, 4A, 3J, and 4J. Just note that row 4 is quite close to the galley so there might be some noise coming from there.

How many rows does a 777 have?

There are 8 First Class, 64 Business Class, 24 Premium Economy, and 116 Economy Class seats. Seat rows are numbered from 1 to 42.

How many rows are in a 777?

Each seat on a Boeing 777 with 10-seat rows is about 17 inches (43cm) wide – roughly an inch less than on a nine-seat version of that plane.

How many seats does the KLM Boeing 777 have?

The KLM Boeing 777-200 / 200ER features seats in a 2 cabin configuration. Economy has 283 seats; Business class has 35 seats; this is pretty standard for these aircraft. Legroom-wise, the Economy pitch of 0cm

Which is the bad seat below 10d KLM?

Below 10D is a technical steel box using up 75% of the foot space, effectively leaving only one leg stretched at one time. The box sticks out to the walkway leaving no space for a foot or leg unless you put that in the walkway. Basically this should be marked as bad red seat.

What’s the maximum weight of a Boeing 777 200ER?

Maximum take-off weight is 262470 kg. Boeing 777-200ER is equipped with 2 TFE (turbofan) engines Pratt & Whitney with thrust 2 x 33600 kilogram force. Maximum speed is 965 kilometers per hour. Cruising air speed is 905 kilometers per hour.

How big is the wing span of a Boeing 777?

KLM Fleet Boeing 777-200ER Details and Pictures. KLM operates 15 wide-body aircrafts Boeing 777-200ER. Boeing 777-200ER has the following performance data: wing span – 60.93 meters, the length – 63.73 meters, the height – 18.52 meters, the wing surface – 427.8 square meters.