How many Skylanders Trap Team characters are there?

Here’s our complete list of all 80 Skylanders Trap Team figures – while below, you can also find a list of every character from the other games that’s also compatible with Trap Team.

Is Skylanders Trap Team 4 player?

Create a Split-Screen Skylanders experience with two copies of the game and a TV with Picture-in-Picture mode. This setup also means you can play four players at the same time and share Skylanders characters once they have died in one game.

How many skylander traps are there?

How many Traps are there? There are 59 different collectible Traps (65 if you count Villain Variants as different, see below).

Is Blastermind a KAOS?

Trivia. Blastermind is voiced by Wally Wingert, who is best known for his roles on Family Guy and the Red Almighty Tallest on Invader Zim. He also voices Verl and Threatpack. Coincidentally, Richard Horvitz, the voice of Kaos also worked on that show, and Blastermind resembles Kaos somewhat.

How many players can play Skylanders Swap Force?

Fact 2: How many people can play the game at the same time? Skylanders Swap Force: Local Two-Player Shared Screen. Disney Infinity: Local Two-Player Split Screen, Four Player Online.

When did skylanders SuperChargers come out?

September 20, 2015
Skylanders: SuperChargers/Initial release dates

Skylanders: SuperChargers is a role-playing platform video game developed by Vicarious Visions and Beenox and published by Activision. It was released on September 20, 2015, for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and was released on October 18, 2015, for iOS.

Who are the new characters in Skylanders Trap Team?

New Cast of Characters – A brand new group of Skylanders, known as Trap Masters, lead the charge armed with their oversized crystal weapons in the fight against the most wanted villains and returning nemesis Kaos. The game introduces more than 50 new playable Skylanders heroes, including:

Who are the characters in the trap team?

Trap Team Figures. 1 Trap Master Skylanders. Blastermind. Bushwhack. Enigma. Gearshift. Gusto. Head Rush. Jawbreaker. Ka-Boom. Knight Light. Knight Mare. Krypt King. 2 New (Series 1) Skylanders. 3 Returning (Series 2, 3, and 4) Skylanders. 4 Mini Skylanders. 5 Trap Team Magic Items (with Variants)

Which is the fourth game in the Skylanders series?

Skylanders Trap Team is the fourth game in the Skylanders series. Below you will find pictures of every figure and links to get all the information you need on each character. When all is said and done, the Trap Team release will include:

Who are the Trap Masters in Trap Team?

Trap Masters are introduced in Trap Team and are special Skylanders that are stronger against trappable villains. The game also establishes Skylanders Minis (miniature versions of regular Skylanders) as playable characters. Players can switch between playing as a villain and a Skylander at any point in the game.