How much can you make with a business management degree?

Average Annual Salaries

Business Administration Career Median Annual Salary*
Sales Management $131,290
Financial Management $134,180
Human Resources Management $121,220
Food Service Management $56,590

How much does a business major make out of college?

Figure 1: Projected Highest Paid Business Majors, Bachelor’s Degree Level

Major Average Starting Salary
Accounting $54,838
International Business $54,446
Business Administration/Management $54,019
Marketing $52,988

What is the average salary of a business management?

Business Management Salary

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $97,500 $8,125
75th Percentile $70,000 $5,833
Average $58,286 $4,857
25th Percentile $36,000 $3,000

How much is a business management degree worth?

Career Prospects with a Business Management Degree The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides statistics that show jobs in business range from around $40,000 to over $150,000, depending on level, job function and industry.

Is a degree in business management worth it?

The good news is that for many people, a business management degree can be worth the investment in terms of potentially expanded job opportunities, greater earnings potential and career advancement possibilities. Earning a business management degree can also offer wonderful personal satisfaction and a sense of pride.

Does a business degree pay well?

1. MBA: This might go without saying, but a master’s degree in business administration is without a doubt the top paying degree, all around. An MBA can earn you a career at the management, director, and executive level, earning you a starting salary of $124,000.

What did most billionaires study?

Economics was the most common major of the 100 wealthiest billionaires, Match College recently found, with Harvard the most common undergraduate college.

What degree do most millionaires have?

Top 7 degrees that make the most millionaires

  • Engineering.
  • Economics/Finance.
  • Politics.
  • Mathematics.
  • Computer Science.
  • Law.
  • MBA.

What’s the average salary for a Business Administration degree?

Below are the business administration and management specialties with their average starting salaries for bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The figures below are base salaries only; they do not include commissions, benefits, bonuses or overtime. Accounting: $54,838; $67,369 Business administration/management: $54,019; $81,685

How much does a business manager make in the US?

How much does a Business Manager make in the United States? The average Business Manager salary in the United States is $76,100 as of June 28, 2021, but the salary range typically falls between $56,460 and $100,319.

What kind of salary can I expect with a MBA?

Possessing this information, you can learn the level of salary to expect with a business administration and management degree. It is well established that obtaining a master’s MBA or Online MBA degree will generally result in a higher salary than a bachelor’s degree over your career.

How much money can you make with a master’s degree?

Professionals with a master’s degree earned an average salary of $78,000 – a $17,000 difference. These figures were an average of many career fields in business management and others. Another study found that people with bachelor’s degrees earned $2.27 million in their lives, and those with a master’s degree earned $2.67 million.