How much HP does a XR600R have?

Honda XR 600 R Specs The engine produces a maximum peak output power of 27.00 HP (19.7 kW) @ 5800 RPM and a maximum torque of . With this drive-train, the Honda XR 600 R is capable of reaching a maximum top speed of 110.0 km/h (68.4 mph) .

When did they stop making XR600?

The XR600R was in Honda’s line from 1985 to 2000 as a dirt-only model, and was almost unchanged for the last 12 years of that run. And beyond that, the XR650L continues to this day as a dual-sport machine.

Is the XR600 a good bike?

The bike feels at home in a variety of settings, from mountain trails or a motocross track to the wide-open spaces of the desert. The XR600 is not the best choice for a smaller, less physical rider, but for everyone else it’s a great play bike that doesn’t mind hitting a race once in a while.

What is the difference between XR600R and XR650L?

The XR650L is something of a milque-toast e-start machine derived from the XR600R. They’re very nice dual sport bikes, but your current XR600 is more powerful and about 30lbs lighter than an XRL, with essentially the same suspension technology.

How fast does a xr600r go?

Honda XR 600R

Make Model Honda XR 600R
Wet Weight 146 kg / 321.9 lbs
Fuel Capacity 10.5 Litres / 2.6 US gal
Standing ¼ Mile 14.6 sec / 134.5 km/h
Top Speed 143.2 km/h / 89.0 mph

Is Honda XR a good bike?

This bike is very reliable, decent on gas, plenty of power and by far the best dual sport for off road. Another upside is that the design hasn’t changed since 1993 so there are plenty of aftermarket parts and you know this engine is dependable.

What does XR mean on a dirt bike?

XR= Cross country racer. XRL= Cross country/ Street legal. CR= Course racer. CRF= Course racer four stroke.

Is a Honda XR a 2 stroke?

The Honda XR series is a range of four-stroke off-road motorcycles that were designed in Japan but assembled all over the world. Some of the XR series came in two versions: R and L. The R version bikes were enduro machines designed for off-road competitive riding.

What is the fastest 450cc dirt bike?

1. KTM 450 SX-F (198 km/h – 123 mph) – 449cc. The KTM 450 SX-F is best known for propelling Ryan Dungey to Motocross championship.

What can I do with a Honda xr600?

Aprilia Arctic Cat BMW Buell Can-Am Ducati Genuine Harley-Davidson Honda Husaberg Husqvarna Indian Kawasaki KTM Piaggio Polaris Sea-Doo Suzuki Triumph Vespa Victory Yamaha Select Model… Treating your bike right is the key to having it for a long time, and the Honda XR600 aftermarket mods at are here to help.

When did the XR600R dirt bike come out?

The top of the XL line was the 350, which was starting to look a little like the XR600R of the future. 1979: The twin-shock XR500 was introduced. This bike was the first dirt-only big four-stroke from Honda. The XL series consisted of street-legal machines and prior to 1979, the only XR was the Honda XR75 mini.

How tall is the seat on a Honda XR600R?

Honda XR600R Seat Height 37.01 inches (940 mm) Weight 128.0 kg ( wet) Oil Filter K&N KN-112 Recommended Oil Honda GN4 10W-40

How big is the fuel tank on a XR 600 R?

Stopping was achieved via Single disc in the front and a Single disc in the rear. The front suspension was a 43mm air assisted leading axial forks while the rear was equipped with a Pro-Link. The XR 600 R was fitted with a 2.64 Gallon (10.00 Liters) fuel tank. The wheelbase was 57.28 inches (1455 mm) long.