How much is an old wood-burning cook stove worth?

In general, the condition, size, design, and rarity will determine the value of the stove. Most are in the $100 to $500 range, though some can go for several thousands of dollars.

Are old wood stoves worth anything?

Old stoves can be worth a great deal of money, especially in uncertain times. It’s common to see antique stoves selling for several hundred dollars. However, condition is a major factor. If your stove is cracked, seriously rusted, or has other significant damage, it will be worth considerably less.

What can I do with an old wood stove?

Repurpose an old wood stove to reuse in your home or backyard.

  1. Smoker. If you are the type of person who loves barbecue, consider transforming your old wood stove into a backyard smoker.
  2. Planter Box. Even a stove that is rusted or damaged can be transformed into a decorative and useful planter.
  3. Outdoor Fire Pit.

Are old wood stoves better?

The design of the older, less efficient stoves cause wood to burn poorly, depositing significantly more creosote with each fire. The more efficient burning of wood not only reduces creosote buildup but also improves fuel efficiency.

How efficient are old wood burning stoves?

If you are holding onto an old wood burner that you have had for 20 years, the chances are that it is highly inefficient. In fact, it has been shown that a stove manufactured 10 or more years ago produces 80% more emissions than an Ecodesign stove produced today.

Can you use an old wood burning stove outside?

Yes – you can put them anywhere in your garden. Wood burning stoves can be placed on patio or decking outside. Wood burning stoves are a great addition to any outdoor space. As long as you have the correct fittings and a sound chimney, your stove can be placed anywhere.

How do you clean an old wood stove?

Clean rust inside the wood stove and on the exterior with a little elbow grease. A stiff wire bristle brush or medium-grade steel wool works to remove the rusty areas. Wear protective gloves while you work. Scrub at the rusty spots with your brush or steel wool until the rust is gone.

How much is a stove worth at the scrap yard?

A scrap range or stand-alone oven is worth between $3.75 – $5.25 as scrap. A scrap stove top is worth between $0.90 – $2.25 as scrap.

Can you scrap a wood stove?

In scrap, a wood stove can be worth between $30 – $40, but is worth a lot more as a whole piece. However, when you are stuck with an old wood stove that is leaking or has cracks, you can drop off the wood stove and metal pipe to a metal recycling facility near you.