How much thoracic rotation is required for an adequate golf swing?

Very good thoracic rotation would be getting your chest to 80-90 degrees of rotation. Anything less than 45 degrees of rotation would be a considerable restriction to your swing.

How do you strengthen thoracic extensors?

Quadruped Thoracic Extension-Rotation

  1. Begin on your hands and knees.
  2. Place one hand behind your head so your elbow is extended at shoulder height.
  3. Now rotate your upper body and reach up towards the ceiling with your elbow.
  4. Go slow and focus on feeling the extension and rotation from your thoracic spine.

What is thoracic rotation?

On average, each thoracic vertebra can rotate approximately 3 °. Therefore, the entire thoracic spine should demonstrate between 30 -35 ° of total rotation to each side (Neumann, 2010). The lumbar vertebrae demonstrate approximately 2 ° of rotation between each, resulting in 10 ° of rotation to each side.

Which muscles are used for thoracic extension?

Spinal Muscles: A Comprehensive Guide

Longissimus Thoracis Extension, lateral flexion of vertebral column, rib rotation
Iliocostalis Thoracis Extension, lateral flexion of vertebral column, rib rotation
Spinalis Thoracis Extends vertebral column
Semispinalis Thoracis Extends & rotates vertebral column

What happens if you don’t complete your backswing?

What happens if you don’t get all the way there? It puts the bottom of your swing arc farther back, probably behind the ball. Unless you make some other compensation in your swing, you’re going to mis-hit the shot.

How older golfers get more distance?

One way for senior golfers to improve their distance with the driver is to generate more turn or rotation in the swing – but that can sometimes be difficult for older players. However, we have a really simple tip to help generate more hip rotation in your body easily and comfortably.

How to increase thoracic spine mobility in golf?

5 Exercises for Increasing Thoracic Spine Mobility in Your Golf Swing. 1 5 EXERCISES FOR INCREASING THORACIC SPINE MOBILITY. You should only perform the following exercises if you have had clearance from your Doctor. 2 Open Books. 3 Anti-Rotation – Plank Rows. 4 Reach Backs. 5 Spiderman Stretch.

Which is the best exercise for thoracic spine rotation?

This is my “go to” exercise to restore thoracic spine rotation. Begin on your side with both arms outstretched in front of you. Place a foam roll under your top leg with your knee and hip bent to 90 degrees. Your bottom knee and hip remain extended throughout the exercise.

What’s the best way to do a thoracic extension?

Thoracic extension over Foam Roller If using a foam roller, place the foam roller perpendicular to torso. Sit in front of the foam roller, and gently hammock the head with your hands, interlocking the fingers and supporting the weight of your head without pulling it.

How to increase mobility in the thoracic column?

This time we’ll address the thoracic region of the vertebral column (commonly known as the T-Spine) and provide examples of mobilisations and exercises to improve mobility in this area. Do you want the chance to create a more effective swing and increase clubhead speed? Read on to see how mobility exercises can help…