How tall does a dwarf pittosporum grow?

3- to 4-foot-tall
Wheeler’s dwarf pittosporum is a 3- to 4-foot-tall, evergreen shrub that is rounded in form (Fig. 1). This shrub will form a low, compact mound of dark green foliage, but with age it can also be pruned to form a picturesque, miniature tree in a container.

How fast does Pittosporum Tobira grow?

Pittosporums are hardy in USDA growing zones 8 to 11, depending on the cultivar. It’s not unusual for a pittosporum to grow 24 inches in a single year (the grow rate will slow as a plant matures). Plant in spring or fall and water well, weekly, until the root system establishes itself.

How far apart do you plant dwarf pittosporum?

–Recommended Spacing : 2 feet apart for hedge type planting – widen spacing to approx 4 – 4 1/2 ft apart for foundation or foreground plantings where distinction between individual shrubs is desired.

Is pittosporum a Tobira Evergreen?

Japanese mock orange, Pittosporum tobira, is a compact, rounded evergreen shrub with lustrous, deep green leaves, contrasting with honey-scented, creamy-white flowers from late-spring to summer.

Is Wheeler’s Dwarf poisonous to dogs?

Mock orange is not poisonous by itself; if your pet develops symptoms it is usually due to a secondary disorder or misidentification of the plant, therefore, the symptoms would direct the testing.

Is Pittosporum tobira toxic to dogs?

Mock orange may also refer to Pittosporum tobira, which is a specific species of flowering plant in the Pittosporum family. Both plants are listed as safe for gardens in which dogs are allowed to roam. These plants are non-toxic and are listed on several gardening sites as dog-friendly.

Which Pittosporum grows fastest?

Pittosporum varieties Pittosporum tenuifolium Silver Sheen – a fast growing, hardy variety with silvery green foliage. Pittosporum tenuifolium Screen Master – grows up to 3 feet (1 metre) a year and a great option for a dense hedge.

Which Pittosporum is best?

1. Kohuhu. This variety is a good hedge plant with small oval-shaped and pointed mid-green leaves. Grow this fast-growing specimen in full sun to partial shade.

Is Viburnum poisonous to dogs?

These include: astilbe, hardy geranium (not Pelargonium, which can be toxic to dogs), lavender, ornamental grasses, nepeta, roses and viburnum.

Is Pittosporum Undulatum poisonous to dogs?

According to ASPCA (2017), Pittosporum undulatum is not toxic to cats, dogs and horses, but if accidentally ingested by these animals can cause colic and gastrointestinal distress.

How do you trim a dwarf pittosporum?

Cut each sucker back to within a quarter inch of the trunk. Remove all lower branches on your pittosporum, making cuts a quarter inch from the trunk stem and leaving lateral branches on the top 2 feet of growth on a 5-foot-tall shrub. Remove crossing or weak branches from the tree canopy.