Is Annette Funicello still alive?

Deceased (1942–2013)
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What disease did Annette Funicello die of?

Multiple sclerosis
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Annette Funicello, who won America’s heart as a 12-year-old in Mickey Mouse ears, captivated adolescent baby boomers in slightly spicy beach movies and later championed people with multiple sclerosis, a disease she had for more than 25 years, died on Monday in Bakersfield, Calif. She was 70.

How old was Annette Funicello when diagnosed with MS?

But in 1992 at age 50, Annette went public with devastating news — she had multiple sclerosis, a debilitating neurological disorder. She had the most severe form of the disease and over the years lost her ability to walk, relying first on a cane, then on a wheelchair.

Where is Annette Funicello these days?

Funicello “died peacefully from complications due to multiple sclerosis, a disease she battled for over 25 years,” the company said. The actress passed away at Mercy Southwest Hospital in Bakersfield, Calif.

What became of the original Mouseketeers?

The original run of the series kept children singing and smiling for four seasons until 1959. Some of the Mouseketeers went on to become movie and television stars in their own right. Others turned to music careers. A few worked in showbiz behind the camera… or hidden under costumes and behind cartoon characters.

Did Annette Funicello ever date Frankie Avalon?

Annette and Frankie: Friends, not sweethearts. During the 1960s Annette Funicello, who passed away April 8 of this year, and Frankie Avalon would emerge as America’s Sweethearts. On movie screens, at least. Off-screen they were good friends, that’s all.

What happened to Darlene from the Mickey Mouse Club?

The movie was never made, and after The Mickey Mouse Club stopped filming in 1958, her short acting career neared its end. She recorded albums from Disney animated films in which she not only sang but narrated the stories, such as Alice in Wonderland and Sleeping Beauty.

Does Mickey Mouse Club still exist?

The Mickey Mouse Club is an American variety television show that aired intermittently from 1955 to 1996 and returned to social media in 2017.

Was Jessica Simpson a Mouseketeer?

Justin Timberlake Made Jessica Simpson Sob After Her Audition for ‘The Mickey Mouse Club’ The Mickey Mouse Club was a variety show that featured some of Hollywood’s most famous names. Yet one of the people who auditioned and didn’t make the cut was Jessica Simpson.

How old was Annette Funicello when she died?

Annette Funicello Dies of Severe Multiple Sclerosis Complications [VIDEO] Apr 8, 2013 08:13 PM By. Annette Funicello, former Disney Mouseketeer, has died at the age of 70 from complications of chronic progressive multiple sclerosis, which she had been battling for over two decades.

How is Annette Funicello doing with multiple sclerosis?

“While MS can certainly fluctuate in its severity …. it is hopeful that the improvements noted by Glen, and now myself may suggest some clinical benefit to Annette from the procedure” wrote Dr. Salberg. Glen has always maintained there were improvements following the angioplasty. “I see changes.

Who is the radiologist who treats Annette Funicello?

Glen then took Annette to Dr. Donald Ponec, an interventional radiologist at Tri City Hospital in Oceanside, Calif., who had some experience with the new therapy. Dr. Ponec conducted a study published in August in the Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology that followed 259 patients with MS.

What did Annette Funicello do with Walt Disney?

“Mr. Disney,” as she always called him, guided Funicello’s career for the next 10 years. During and even after leaving the Club, she starred for him on TV’s Zorro and in such movies as 1959’s The Shaggy Dog and 1961’s Babes in Toyland.