Is Condor a good airline?

Condor Airlines is Certified as a 4-Star Leisure Airline for the quality of its airport and onboard product and staff service. Product rating includes seats, amenities, food & beverages, IFE, cleanliness etc, and service rating is for both cabin staff and ground staff. Overall Condor delivers a good 4-star experience.”

Is Condor Airlines part of Lufthansa?

From 2000 onwards, the Condor shares held by Lufthansa were gradually acquired by both Thomas Cook AG and Thomas Cook Group….Condor (airline)

Operating bases Berlin Düsseldorf Frankfurt Hamburg Leipzig/Halle Munich Stuttgart Zürich
Frequent-flyer program Mileage Plan

Is Condor a low cost airline?

Condor. There are very many other low cost airlines and more are being established with regularity. Here are some others: AirBaltic, Austrian-Airlines, Blue1, BMI Baby, Lot, Dauair, Helvetic, Intersky, SkyEurope, SmartWings, Transavia, VLM, Brussels Airlines and Wizz Air.

Is Condor flying to Canada?

To mark Canada’s border opening, Germany’s most popular leisure airline will once again be taking travelers to Toronto in Ontario and Halifax in Nova Scotia from September 7, 2021.

Are Condor flights safe?

Yes, they are safe, and regulated, like all free-world commercial airlines.

Do Condor seats recline?

Good seat, good food and good service. Everything worked properly. Wide enough to relax, seat recline is better than in the normal economy, leg room for the price was better than expected. …

Will Condor go bust?

In a press release, Condor announced that it will “continue its flight operations despite the fact that its parent company Thomas Cook Group plc has filed for insolvency.”

Who owns Condor airlines now?

Thomas Cook
Condor/Parent organizations

Which airline is best for Germany?

This statistic presents the leading airlines in Germany, based on the number of departures as of September 2020. Lufthansa led the ranking with roughly 9.83 thousand departures that month. Eurowings was ranked second with roughly 5.17 thousand monthly departures.

Can I cancel my Condor flight?

As per Condor Airlines 24-hour Cancellation policy, passengers can cancel a flight booked on Condor Airlines within 24 hours of the purchase. Condor Airlines will provide a complete refund of your ticket cost in case the booking was made a week or more prior to the departure date of your Condor Airlines flight.

Who is the owner of Condor airlines?

Is premium economy on Condor worth it?

The check in was smooth and quick, boarding was organized well. However, if compared with Premium Economy on Lufthansa flights – Condor Premium Economy is not worth extra money. Ok, they include your meals and entertainment. If we fly Condor in the future, we buy Economy class tickets.