Is General Sessions Court Criminal Court?

In civil matters, General Sessions courts can try cases where the amount of alleged harm or damages not more than $25,000. General Sessions courts often handle criminal misdemeanors and some preliminary matters in more serious criminal cases. Additionally, the General Sessions Court is not a court of record.

How do I look up criminal records in Tennessee?

Resource: Tennessee Bureau of Investigation To access open records on criminals, fill out your information (name, address) on the online request form and include your credit card information. The cost for a criminal history background is $29.00 per request and is non-refundable.

How many divisions are in the Shelby County General Sessions Courts Civil?

six civil divisions
The General Sessions Civil Court consists of six (6) civil judges which preside in approximately 65,000 new cases annually. The General Sessions Court Clerk’s Office is responsible for the record keeping for the six civil divisions and nine criminal divisions in Shelby County, Tennessee.

How do I look up my court date in Memphis TN?

For information about a civil court date visit the General Sessions Court Clerk’s Office website at or call (901) 222-3400.”

How much does a general sessions judge make in Tennessee?

Higgins and the other 10 General Sessions judges make $165,204 a year, which equals the eight Circuit Court judges’ current pay. But the Circuit Court judges, who are paid by the state, are due to get a 1.5 percent cost-of-living adjustment, or about $2,478, starting July 1.

What does a general sessions judge do?

The General Sessions Court is a court of limited jurisdiction. The General Sessions Court has the authority to dispose of misdemeanor cases but only has jurisdiction to conduct a preliminary hearing where felony charges are involved.

Are TN court records public?

Court records, as well as any document or material produced by government agencies and departments in the course of their official duties, are public records in Tennessee.

Where can I look up criminal records for free? is an online public record service that provides a free do-it-yourself inmate & criminal history search for anyone who might be concerned about a new neighbor, employee, acquaintance or anyone else.

Who is the Shelby County General Sessions Court clerk?

Joe Brown
Shelby County General Sessions Court Clerk Joe Brown has been married to his beautiful wife Jeanette for 57 years and they have two accomplished daughters, StacyJo and JoeNicole. He also has one grandson named Christopher currently attending the University of Memphis.

Is Shelby County doing evictions?

With the federal moratorium expired, Shelby County eviction courts fully resumed Monday. This means landlords that were holding off are moving forward with eviction paperwork. Local non-profit organizations are concerned that people will be evicted before they have a chance to get help.

How do I take someone to small claims court in Memphis TN?

Small claims court in Memphis, Tennessee is also called the Shelby County General Sessions Court, Civil Division, Memphis, Main Office. To file a case in Shelby County Sessions Civil, fill in the form Statement of Claim, give it to the clerk and pay the filing fee.

What is a civil warrant in Tennessee?

A civil warrant in Nashville is a civil complaint issued by the local general sessions court. The general sessions court is a court of limited jurisdiction that hears civil and criminal cases. In Tennessee, the term “civil warrant” has the same meaning that “civil complaint” does in other jurisdictions.

Where is probate court in Shelby County TN?

Shelby County Probate Court is located in Shelby county in Tennessee. The court address is 140 Adams Avenue, Suite 124, Memphis, TN 38103. The phone number for Shelby County Probate Court is 901-222-3750 and the fax number is 901-222-3670.

Who is General Sessions court clerk?

The General Sessions Courts are served by two different Clerks: the Criminal Court Clerk and the Circuit Court Clerk, Richard Rooker. Mr. Rooker’s office files and manages the Court files and dockets for the General Sessions – Civil Division .

Who is the sheriff for Shelby County Tennessee?

Sheriff Floyd Bonner, Jr. is a 38 year veteran of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office. He is the first African American to be elected as Sheriff of Shelby County, Tennessee. Sheriff Bonner is a lifelong resident of Memphis and Shelby County.

What is General Sessions Court?

A court of general sessions refers to a court with limited jurisdiction to hear minor criminal and civil cases within the United States court system. When the original U.S. colonies were formed, the founders of the Constitution adopted the court system used in England, which was called the courts…