Is HBO free now on Comcast?

Watch HBO series on demand for free Xfinity customers can catch recent episodes or complete seasons of their HBO favorites on demand, including hit series such as The Outsider, Game of Thrones, His Dark Materials, Euphoria, The Sopranos, The Wire, True Blood and more.

Does Xfinity support HBO now?

With 10,000 hours of content, HBO Max is now available to new and existing Xfinity TV customers who subscribe to HBO either a la carte or as part of a package – along with Xfinity Internet customers who subscribe to HBO through Flex.

How do I get HBO on Roku with Comcast?

Xfinity X1 and Xfinity Flex X1 and Flex customers are able to access the HBO Max app over the Internet by saying “HBO Max” into the Xfinity Voice Remote or, for example, by saying the name of a desired title (like, The Flight Attendant).

Why is HBO Max not working on Xfinity?

Hey! Following up — you can resolve the issue by signing out of the HBO Max app on your X1 or Flex, then clearing cookies and local storage data (Xfinity > Settings(Gear) > Privacy > Clear). Please note that this will log you out of all other apps and you’ll need to login again.

How do I add HBO Max to Comcast?

To subscribe on your Xfinity X1 or Xfinity Flex device:

  1. Press the Home or Xfinity button on your Xfinity voice remote, choose Apps, and then select HBO Max.
  2. Choose a plan: Ad-Free for $14.99/mo or With Ads for $9.99/mo.
  3. Choose Subscribe.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to subscribe through Xfinity.

How do I update HBO Max on Xfinity?

Step 1: Update HBO Max Select Apps. Select the Settings icon (upper-right corner). Select Updates. Find and select HBO Max, then select Update.

How do you get HBO Max when you already have HBO?

Download the HBO Max app and sign in with your existing HBO email and password, choose Access all of HBO Max, and start streaming instantly.

What channel is HBO on Comcast?

On DirecTV, HBO is on channel 501 (East) and channel 504 (West). Those channels are universal for everyone and it’s probably a wise idea to mark those down, so come start time there isn’t a frantic search through the thousands of channels on the guide. As for Comcast, the channels differ based on region.

How do you stream HBO?

You can add HBO to your Hulu plan and stream HBO shows, hit movies, comedy specials, documentaries, and more. To subscribe through Hulu, go to Once you subscribe through Hulu, you can stream HBO using the Hulu or HBO NOW app. Stream using the Hulu app. Stream using the HBO NOW app.

Is HBO on demand free?

Because HBO is a pay channel, customers need to order the content. Once you have the channel, you can watch the “On Demand” content whenever you want — On Demand is a free service for HBO subscribers. The exact programs vary from month-to-month, depending on what HBO provides.

Is HBO on demand?

Currently, DirecTV is the only satellite service provider that offers HBO On Demand. Similar to regular HBO, HBO On Demand is billed through your cable or satellite provider, and gives you access to nearly all of the network’s programming, including TV shows, movies and sporting events.