Is HP Prime Good for engineering?

The HP Prime is a good calc, more or less similar to high-end Casio or TI graphical calc. The HP Prime is rather ok for studying, but it will not be ok for engineers. If you would like to push further and have it for several years, you must consider the HP49G or HP50G certainly.

Is HP Prime discontinued?

Unfortunately, it has been discontinued and is no longer available through our store. I’d like to recommend the HP 10s+ Scientific Calculator.

How do I program my HP Prime calculator?

In the HP Prime Program Editor, click on the HP Prime Virtual calculator Edit menu and select Paste (or use Ctrl-V). The program will be copied to the HP Prime Program Editor. 7. Your new program is ready to use NOTE: It is always a good idea to tap to make sure there are no errors in the program.

Is HP Prime the best?

The HP Prime is the most capable calculator from HP that is allowed on most standardized tests. It behaves much like a normal graphing calculator but packed with a lot more power and capabilities. The best feature of the Prime is its Computer Algebra System (CAS).

Are HP calculators dead?

While HP calculators are still being sold after the death of HP’s calculator division, they are no longer designed in-house but instead come from an outsourced OEM/ODM. This web page remains online for historical reasons, but HP as a brand of calculators has not died and will not disappear anytime soon.

Are HP calculators good?

The HP 300S+ scientific calculator is the perfect choice for cash-strapped students who won’t use a calculator for much outside of class and tests. This calculator is a great pick for math, trigonometry, statistics, and science applications. It’s a low-cost option that still manages to pack in a ton of features.

What is the latest HP Prime?

HP Prime

Type CAS, Graphing, Programmable, Scientific
Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard (2013-2015), HP Inc. (2015-present)
Introduced October 2013
Latest firmware 2.1.14588 (2021-05-05)

What happened to HP calculators?

All development of HP calculators has been halted, so no new models will arrive. Production may or may not have ceased.

How do I install apps on my HP prime?

Click on “details” and on the file name:

  1. Unzip the file in your computer.
  2. Read the . txt or the . pdf files – it is good practice!
  3. Open the HP Prime. You will see applications and programs – it depends what you have downloaded. if the directory has the .hpappdir, drag it to the applications folder.
  4. And it is ready to run!!

How do I write programs for HP prime?

How to start writing a program:

  1. Press Shift + 1 (Program).
  2. Press New. It is the second touch key.
  3. Enter the name of the program. Pressing the ALPHA key twice will turn on UPPERCASE ΑLPHA-LOCK. Pressing ALPHA, Shift, ALPHA will turn on lowercase alpha-lock. To exit any lock, press the ALPHA key one more time.

What is the latest HP prime?

How many functions does the HP Prime have?

Over one hundred mathematical functions are already available directly from the keyboard.

Are there math programs for the HP Prime?

HP Prime Math Applications. When running programs on the HP Prime, the screen has a pixel coordinate system of 320 x 220 (to allow room for soft menu keys). There are two ways to calculate to translate Cartesian coordinates to pixel coordinates on the HP Prime. The easy way is to use the C→PX command.

What are the science and engineering programs in hp?

HP Prime Science and Engineering Programs. Electrical and electronic circuit solver that solves AC or DC circuits with linear and non-linear elements. The program implements a full graphic interface to edit circuits, with useful functionality such as copy/paste, undo/redo, moving and rotation of parts, etc.

How do I create a program in HP Prime?

To create a new program, press OK from the menu at the bottom of the screen. You will then be presented with a new input screen titled “New Program” and be required to enter in the name of the “new program.” For this example, type in MYPROG. After pressing OK you will be presented with the Program Editor with a default template as shown below:

Which is the conversion program in HP Prime?

Two conversion programs, one which takes a real number, x, and decomposes it to the form of x = 2 * (1 + n)^p, and the other which converts any real number in base 10 to base 2, including non-integers and negative numbers, and the result is displayed as a string. By Eddie W. Shore.