Is IIT Kanpur good for aerospace engineering?

Placements: As it’s an IIT, the placements here are quite good. Stats of every year show that almost 80% of the students get placed. This year, the highest salary package offered in off-campus placements was 1.2 crores per annum, and it was 70 lacs per annum in on-campus placements.

Which IIT is best for aerospace engineering?

Top BTech Aerospace Engineering Colleges in India with NIRF Ranking and Shiksha Rating (Aggregate)

Name of the College NIRF’20 Ranking
Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT Madras) 1
Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai (IIT Bombay) 3
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IIT Kharagpur) 5

What is the salary of IIT Aerospace Engineer?

In India, the average salary of an Aerospace Engineer as a fresher is above 6 lakhs per year. An aerospace engineer graduated from IITs may expect the maximum salary of 15 lakhs per year. In USA, an Aerospace Engineer earns $ 107,700 per year.

Can I study aerospace engineering in IIT?

One must pass the qualifying exam i.e. IIT JEE for admission into Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) or the SRMJEE to apply to the aerospace engineering program they have.

Does NASA come to IIT?

NASA doesn’t recruit students specifically from any IIT of India, not even from IISc Bangalore. you can visit on the official website of NASA for various Vacancies and you can apply accordingly.

Is aerospace engineering a good career?

Answer. It has good scope and will increase in future. Job opportunities are available in Airlines, Air Force, Corporate Research Companies, Defence Ministry, Helicopter Companies, Aviation Companies, NASA and many others.

Which IIT can I get with 500 rank?

Other IIT campuses, which featured as the most preferred institutions for top 500 rankers include IIT Kanpur (14.8 per cent), IIT Kharagpur (10.2 per cent), IIT Madras (9.6 per cent) and IIT Roorkee (4.4 per cent).

Does NASA recruit from IIT?

Does ISRO hire aerospace engineers?

ISRO hires Aerospace Engineers based on a performance in the recruitment exam. After successfully qualifying ISRO examination, the candidates will be able to get a job as an Aerospace Engineer with a starting salary of around 6-10 lakhs per annum.

Does NASA hire IIT?

Is iist better than IIT?

Overall, if you have a strong passion for Avionics or Space or Aerospace Engineering, go for IIST. But if you don’t have a specific interest, then by all means choose an IIT to keep other options open.

Are there any aerospace engineering jobs at IIT Kanpur?

IIT Kanpur has about 6/7 wind tunnels; low speed, high speed, supersonic, etc., and a good infrastructure for related research. The core jobs available in aero B.Tech are only nominal and there were very few core recruiters for Bachelors; Mitsubishi, HAL, NAL, etc.

Which is the best Institute for aerospace engineering in India?

Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur is one of the best government colleges of India. It is ranked among top 5 top 5 best engineering colleges of India. It offers many courses are out of which aerospace engineering is one of them. For Aerospace engineering, it has 55 seats.

Which is the best placement cell of IIT Kanpur?

The placement cell of IIT-Kanpur is one of the best cells in India as it is really capable of attracting the major companies of the world as well as of India. Accenture, Genpact, Google, HAL, IBM, Infosys, ISRO, Microsoft, Qualcomm and Yahoo.