Is Jack Harkness in love with the doctor?

Discussing whether his character could ever find “The One”, John Barrowman asserts that Jack “likes everybody, and his love for each person is different”. Barrowman believes that Jack does harbour romantic feelings toward the Doctor, but “would never take that beyond infatuation” and “would never let the Doctor know”.

Is Captain Jack coming back to Dr Who?

John Barrowman will reprise his role as Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who’s upcoming holiday special, “Revolution of the Daleks,” BBC America announced Monday. Barrowman made a brief return to the franchise earlier this year in the Season 12 episode, “Fugitive of the Judoon.”

Which episodes of Dr Who is Captain Jack in?

First appearing in the two-parter, “The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances” (Episodes 9 and 10 of the new series), Captain Jack made an immediate impact on viewers, who enjoyed the charm of the flirtatious, omnisexual, Time Agent.

How many episodes was Captain Jack in Doctor Who?

Captain Jack first appeared in the beloved series in 2005, appearing in multiple episodes. Prior to his Season 12 appearance, he was last seen in the 2010 episode “The End of Time.” Barrowman was the star of the “Doctor Who” spin-off “Torchwood,” which ran from 2006 to 2011.

Why did Captain Jack leave Doctor Who?

Because of this, the Ninth Doctor saw his companion as a fixed point — a temporal paradox that threatened the TARDIS’ proper operation. Consequently, the Doctor abandoned him in the year 200,100 aboard a space station orbiting a Dalek-devastated Earth.

Who is Jack Harkness in doctor who World?

Jack became a new companion for The Doctor, to the delight of both Rose, who found Jack attractive, and Jack, who found both Rose and the Doctor attractive. ( The Doctor Dances)

When did Rose and the Doctor meet Jack Harkness?

Rose and the Doctor meet rogue Time Agent Jack Harkness while dealing with a plague in 1941 London. Ending leads directly into The Doctor Dances. Intending to sacrifice himself to destroy the Empty Child plague, Jack is saved by the Doctor and joins the TARDIS team.

Who was Captain Jack Harkness in the TARDIS?

Captain Jack Harkness was an American serving as an RAF Group Captain, stationed in Cardiff with the famous 133 Squadron. He had a brief, intense affair with the ex-Time Agent “Captain Jack Harkness”, a man who had appropriated his name. While based in the World War II time period, (TV: The…

When did Captain Jack Harkness die in WW2?

While based in the World War II time period, ( TV: The Empty Child, The Doctor Dances) Captain Jack Harkness took the name and identity of an American airman he knew would die in battle on 21 January 1941.