Is lightning source the same as IngramSpark?

IngramSpark is for independent publishers or self-published authors looking for the high quality, professional products and services that Ingram provides. Lightning Source is for mid to large size publishers seeking a more expansive, hands-on publishing service from Ingram.

Where is Lightning Source located?

La Vergne, TN
Lightning Source is one of the world’s leading print-on-demand providers. Headquartered in La Vergne, TN, it provides digital content to consumers around the globe.

Who owns IngramSpark?

Lightning Source
IngramSpark is a service operated by Lightning Source to cater for the needs of independent publishers and authors. Since it launched in 2013, IngramSpark has registered more than 7 million books, with 4,000 new books added each day.

Does Ingram distribute in Canada?

United States & Canada Via Ingram Book Group, IngramSpark titles are automatically made available to tens of thousands of: Retailers. Libraries. Schools.

How do I contact Lightning Source?

If you would like to speak with a representative, you may email or call the Lightning Source customer support team.

  1. Email. [email protected]
  2. Phone. 1-800-509-4156.
  3. Chat. Chat is accessible by clicking on the blue Support button in the lower right-hand corner of your Lightning Source account.

Who does Ingram distribute to?

Ingram is a major book distributor in the United States, distributing to 40,000+ retailers (including Barnes & Noble and your local independent bookstore), libraries, schools, and universities.

How do you buy Bowker ISBN numbers?

You also can purchase an ISBN directly from Bowker at Keep in mind that a single ISBN from Bowker costs $125, and 10 ISBNs cost $250.

Does Amazon own IngramSpark?

IngramSpark is the equivalent of KDP, but IngramSpark does not have an owned sales platform equivalent to Amazon. What IngramSpark has is the near-equivalent of KDP’s expanded distribution (in fact, KDP’s expanded distribution goes through Ingram).

Which is better Lulu or IngramSpark?

IngramSpark is a low-cost self-publishing service designed exclusively to get your book into Ingram’s Catalog. Lulu offers free upload and publishing, something IngramSpark charges a fee for. If you simply need to print books without Ingram’s distribution, Lulu is more affordable and easier to use.

Where does Ingram distribute to?

Who Are My Distribution Partners? Ingram is a major book distributor in the United States, distributing to 40,000+ retailers (including Barnes & Noble and your local independent bookstore), libraries, schools, and universities.

How much does Ingram cost?

Uploading a Book with IngramSpark The cost to upload a print and ebook with IngramSpark is $49—this is the best value! If you don’t want to upload both formats, a print book costs $49, and an ebook is $25.

How do I call IngramSpark?


  1. 96 people checked in here.
  2. (855) 997-7275.
  4. Publisher. · Printing Service. @ingramsparkbooks. @IngramSpark. Products. A premier services partner for the independent publisher.

Where is the Lightning Source printing company located?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Lightning Source is a printer and distributor of print-on-demand books. The company is a business unit of Ingram Content Group. Originally incorporated in 1996 as Lightning Print Inc., the company is headquartered in La Vergne, Tennessee.

What kind of books are available in Lightning Source?

New to Lightning Source? Hardcovers, paperbacks, and ebooks in color or black and white. One book or thousands — print what you need and nothing more. One platform for all your print and digital book distribution needs worldwide.

Can a religious book be printed by lightning press?

Religious books from Lightning Press can be printed with several important options, such as large print, color-printing, special paper stock and even hard or soft cover binding. Several other resources are available to you through Lightning Press.

How to save money with a lightning press?

SAVE MONEY with Lightning Press by printing small runs of books on demand. Low quantities of 25-2000 is our specialty for the best softcover book printing and hardcover book printing available nationwide, custom printed to your specifications with personalized customer service, manufactured with pride in the USA. Instant book printing quote