Is the Merrell twins going to VidCon 2021?

Merrell Twins, Nikita Dragun, Nia Sioux & More Added to VidCon 2021 Lineup (Exclusive) JJJ is excited to exclusively reveal the next round of social stars that have joined the lineup, which includes The Merrell Twins, Nikita Dragun, Nia Sioux and Alex Aiono!

Where is VidCon 2021 located?

Anaheim Convention Center
VidCon US 2021/Location

Who is going to be at VidCon 2021?

VidCon 2021: Binging With Babish’s Andrew Rea, Alyson Stoner to Return as Featured Creators (Exclusive) Newcomers to the Anaheim convention, which takes place this October, will include TikTok stars Abby Roberts and The Montes Twins, as well as YouTuber BENOFTHEWEEK.

Did VidCon get Cancelled 2021?


How long does VidCon last?

Most recent July 10–13, 2019
Next event June 22–25, 2022
Attendance 75,000 (2019)
Organized by Independent (2010–2018) Viacom (2018–2019) ViacomCBS (2019–present)

What are the Merrell twins real names?

Veronica Jo Merrell and Vanessa Jo Merrell (born August 6, 1996), known as the Merrell Twins, are identical twin American YouTubers, actresses, musicians and singers.

Where will VidCon 2022 be held?

What day is VidCon 2020?

2020 VidCon US/Date

Where is the next VidCon 2022?

At the same time the cancellation was announced, they also announced the dates for VidCon 2022: June 22 – 25, 2022. It will be held in Anaheim, California.

Where is the nearest VidCon?

VidCon US 2022 will also take place at the Anaheim Convention Center. It will run from June 22–25, 2022. All 2021 tickets will be automatically transferred to the 2022 event.

Do the Merrell twins have a boyfriend?

Who is Veronica Merrell’s boyfriend? Veronica is currently in a relationship with Aaron Burriss. He is a YouTuber. They began dating in 2017.

What is there to do at VidCon?

VidCon is an annual event at the Anaheim Convention Center for all online video. This is a huge event to learn more about where Online Video is going and is a great way to stay up-to-date on where the industry is moving. Many people within the Online Video industry gather together at VidCon to network, share work, and collaborate with others.

Where is VidCon located?

VidCon US was held from June 21–24, 2017, at the Anaheim Convention Center. VidCon Australia debuted on September 9–10, 2017, at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre in Melbourne.

Who is the founder of VidCon?

VidCon was founded by veteran YouTube creators John and Hank Green ( Vlogbrothers ) and was acquired by Viacom in 2018.