Is the Mosin Nagant a good hunting rifle?

The Mosin is itself a cheap rifle, so your hunting campaigns are not going to burn a hole in your pocket. A Mosin Nagant is good for shooting deer and sometimes even bear while using heavy grain ammo like 174 gr or 180gr soft point. On the other hand, it’s not what you want to use for fowl or any small game.

How accurate is a Mosin Nagant?

Mosin Nagant rifles are surprisingly accurate, especially the M91/30 variation with the longer sight radius. In fact, the sights on Mosins are designed to help deliver accurate shots out to one and a quarter miles.

What is the effective range of a Mosin Nagant?

The Mosin-Nagant had a maximum range of around three kilometers but was only capable of effective aimed fire out to ranges of 400-500 meters. The rifle is striker-fired, and the striker was cocked on the bolt open action.

Is the Mosin Nagant still usable for war?

Even after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Mosin-Nagants are still commonly found on modern battlefields around the world. They are being used by insurgent forces in the Iraq War and the current war in Afghanistan .

What ammo does a Mosin Nagant use?

The 3-line Rifle Model 1891, or Mosin-Nagant (Russian: Винтовка Мосина, meaning Mosin’s rifle) is a bolt-action Sniper Rifle in that uses the 7.62mm Ammunition.

How much is a Mosin Nagant?

There is a thousand kind of Mosin Nagant with the different design and feature. Thus, the price of this rifle is not similar to each other. You can easily see in some shops, they have Mosin Nagant with the cheap price about 100 to 200 $, but in several shops, they sell it with the 1000$ priced.

Was my Mosin Nagant used in WW2?

Mosin Nagants were used throughout WWI and World War II plus the fact that they were even produced up to 1949. Mosin Nagants were produced on a massive scale to meet Soviet demand during World War II and even captured Mosins were used by Finnish forces.

What war was the Mosin Nagant used in?

At the beginning of the war, the Mosin–Nagant 91/30 was the standard issue weapon of Soviet troops and millions of the rifles were produced and used in World War II by the largest mobilized army in history.