Is there a calendar in Salesforce?

Calendar views display your events in Salesforce. Your calendar displays all events that you own in Salesforce on the My Events Calendar. Calendars that you create from a Salesforce object display data in date fields as calendar items. View, create, and edit your events in a day, week, or month view.

How do I create a calendar campaign?

How to plan a marketing calendar

  1. Choose where you’re going to host your calendar.
  2. Define your goals.
  3. Identify your marketing strategies.
  4. Establish your target audience.
  5. Chart your selling cycle.
  6. Identify important dates.
  7. Identify how long projects within your campaign will take.

How do I create a custom calendar in Salesforce?

Required Editions

  1. Start creating a calendar.
  2. Choose an object to base the calendar on.
  3. Select fields that determine what the calendar displays (1, 2, 3). If you want, filter the calendar items by selecting a list view (4). The calendar displays items differently depending on the date fields you select. (Date) Fields.

How do I enable calendar in Salesforce?

From Setup, enter Activity Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Enable Multiday Events. Allow recurring events or event series. In Salesforce Classic, from Setup, enter Activity Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Enable Creation of Recurring Events.

Is calendar a standard object in Salesforce?

Use Calendars to Track and Visualize Dates in Salesforce Objects in Lightning Experience. Create a calendar from a standard or custom object: Choose a date field that represents data you want to track, and the calendar displays data in that field as calendar items.

What is calendar task in Salesforce?

Activities include tasks, events, and calendars. With Salesforce, track tasks and meetings together in lists and reports to easily prioritize your time and keep up with your accounts, campaigns, contacts, leads, and opportunities.

How do I create a digital calendar?

How to Create a Digital Calendar

  1. Create a profile with the web-based digital calendar you want to use.
  2. Select the type of view you prefer.
  3. List all of the tasks you need to complete, and input them into your calendar.
  4. Set up calendar events.
  5. Invite other people to your event through email.

How do you use a lightning calendar?

To import the calendar into Lightning:

  1. Go to the Thunderbird’s File menu and select New.
  2. Once the wizard opens, select On the network from the available options and click Next.
  3. Choose Google Calendar.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Enter your Google email address and click Next.

How do I create a calendar in LWC?

Let’s Start.

  1. I’ll consider you know basics of LWC and Project Structure in Salesforce CLI.
  2. Open your Existing Project in VS Code.
  3. Create new LWC with name of opportunityVisualizer, Run following command.
  4. Let’s search a JS Library for Calendar.
  5. Now we’ll load these files in JS of Our LWC.
  6. Modify the UI and Add our Logo.

Who can see my Calendar in Salesforce?

You can grant access to your Calendar in by sharing it with users, groups, all users in a role, or all users in a role and all the roles subordinate to it. You can choose who you want to share your calendar with as well as how.

Where is my Salesforce Calendar?

The Calendar section at the bottom of the Home tab. (If your Home tab doesn’t display the Calendar section, ask your Salesforce admin to customize your home page layout.) The Calendar shortcut in the sidebar that opens your last used calendar view. (If your Salesforce admin has enabled the shortcut.)