Is there a generic drug for AndroGel?

Teva’s generic version of AndroGel® 1.62% [CIII]: Testosterone Gel, 1.62% CIII.

What does AndroGel do for a man?

AndroGel contains testosterone, a naturally occurring male hormone necessary for many processes in the body. It works by replacing or supplementing the testosterone that is naturally made in the body. AndroGel is used to treat conditions in men that result from a lack of natural testosterone.

What is AndroGel gel used for?

This medicated gel contains testosterone. It is used for hormone replacement in men who are not able to produce enough testosterone (e.g., hypogonadism). This medication is absorbed through the skin, enters your bloodstream, and helps your body reach normal testosterone levels.

What should be dispensed with AndroGel 1%?

AndroGel 1% should be evenly distributed between the right and left upper arms/shoulders or both sides of the abdomen. The prescribed daily dose of AndroGel 1% should be applied to the right and left upper arms/shoulders and/or right/left abdomen as shown in the shaded areas in the figure below.

Does AndroGel build muscle?

Over 150 hypogonadal men who received the AndroGel replacement for 6 months showed significant improvement in sexual function, mood, lean mass, and muscle strength and decreases in fat mass and percent body fat (3).

Does AndroGel help erectile dysfunction?

For men with erectile dysfunction and low testosterone who do not respond to Viagra™* (sildenafil) alone, the supplemental use of AndroGel™** (testosterone gel) improves erectile function and overall sexual satisfaction, according to a Columbia University Medical Center study.

Does AndroGel cause weight gain?

Many people using this medication do not have serious side effects. Tell your doctor immediately if any of these unlikely but serious side effects occur: breast pain/enlargement, swelling of the feet/ankles (edema), weight gain, very slow/shallow/difficult breathing (possibly while sleeping), weakness.

How long does it take AndroGel 1.62 to start working?

Changes in erections/ejaculations may require up to 6 months. Effects on quality of life manifest within 3–4 weeks, but maximum benefits take longer. Effects on depressive mood become detectable after 3–6 weeks with a maximum after 18–30 weeks. Effects on erythropoiesis are evident at 3 months, peaking at 9–12 months.

Is AndroGel used for erectile dysfunction?

How to apply AndroGel 1.62% to the shoulders?

1 Apply AndroGel 1.62% only to your shoulders and upper arms that will be covered by a short-sleeve t-shirt. 2 Apply AndroGel 1% only to areas of your shoulders, upper arms, or stomach area (abdomen) that will be covered by a short-sleeve t-shirt. 3 Wash your hands right away with soap and water after applying AndroGel.

Are there any side effects to AndroGel 1.62%?

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION. The most common side effects of AndroGel 1.62% are increased prostate specific antigen (a test used to screen for prostate cancer), mood swings, high blood pressure, increased red blood cell count, and skin irritation where the gel is applied. The most common side effects of AndroGel 1% are acne,…

How to take AndroGel 1.62 mg in the morning?

PUMP: Four pump presses. Two applied to each upper arm/shoulder daily in the morning PACKET: Two 40.5 mg packets. One packet applied to each upper arm/shoulder daily in the morning Your doctor will have a clear dosing plan for you. The recommended starting dose of AndroGel 1.62% is 40.5 mg.

Where can I find the official AndroGel website?

Visit or call 1-800-FDA-1088. The information contained herein is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace discussions with a healthcare provider. All decisions regarding patient care must be made by a healthcare provider considering the unique characteristics of the patient.